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In the Test of Stiftung Warentest tested all children for the first time in years, the crash tests seats, pass – four specimens were anyway.

A handy package is sitting by the push of a button for kids, the inflatable securing small children sounds like a dream virtually. However, in the Test of the Stiftung Warentest showed that the inflatable model HY5 TT of the company successor, in practice, has some drawbacks. So it cut off in the two most important categories of accident safety and handling, only with the grade “Satisfactory”. In addition, it was charged with the pollutant naphthalene, which was formerly often used in moth powders or as a plasticizer, and is suspected to cause cancer.

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In addition to this specimen, three other seats still received the overall rating of “Deficient”. The two models tested “Koos iSize” the company Jané were contaminated with naphthalene. The Osann Fox received in the main category of accident safety, only the grade of “Sufficient” and was charged with the flame retardants TDCP. This substance is believed to be carcinogenic and was banned by the EU-Commission, therefore, in toys for small children.

However, the company Osann and Jané offer their customers, to take off the covers free exchange. Successor, the manufacturer of the inflatable seat, the Stiftung Warentest, however, we see no reason for concern and could guarantee”, our products have been properly delivered”.

The most important questions and answers to the child seat forward – or backwards – as should be transported in a child?

For as long as possible rear-facing in an infant car seat. Because in the case of a frontal collision, the neck is subject to less stress. The ADAC recommends to transport children up to the age of at least two years, contrary to the direction of travel. There are so-called Reboarder, so a rear-facing child seats. However, it must be disabled when using as a seat or a baby seat on the front passenger seat the Airbag.

When should instead of a baby, a child tray can be used seat?

First, if the head upper edge of the child no longer is in the shell.

What needs to be considered in booster seats?

Useful such increases are only for children of about four years, since only then the shoulder of the child is more stable pronounced. It is important that the lap belt is guided by large hooks, and in the case of an accident, not in the belly area may slip. Booster seats with a back support, increased safety, event of a side impact. Also, you should make sure that the child falls to Sleep out of the belt.

When may be secured in a child without a child seat?

Children up to a body height of 150 cm must be secured in an appropriate child seat so that even with larger children the seat belt as with an adult. Therefore, the seat must have increases strong strap hook, since the lap-belt or a heavy belly can cause injury. A child is not 12 years old but taller than 150 cm and the strap is the same as for an adult, is not required a child seat.

What to look for when buying?

Before the purchase, should be oriented judgments necessarily to Test. Also always a built-in sample with the child and the respective seat in the car must be made, because not every child seat fits in every vehicle. In the case of backward-facing Seats or baby must also be the belt is long enough shells.

What are the children on the passenger seat?

In the case of an active passenger Airbag a rear-facing child seats on the front passenger seat, because the triggering the Airbag could kill the child even. For forward-facing child restraint in the front passenger seat, there are no legal restrictions, the warnings on the seat and the operating instructions should be adhered to. The ADAC recommends that you always use the rear seat.

What is space on the back seat with the middle seat?

New child seats can usually only be fixed with a three-point safety belt, so the middle seat needs to be fitted with such a belt. At the same time modern children’s seats are slightly wider, which is why often no three child seats simultaneously on a classic rear bench fit. There is a matching safety belt and adequate space, however, nothing against the middle seat.

Overall, the Stiftung Warentest in the evaluation of 14 baby bowls and four children to sit, however, a positive result, because for the first time in years, all of the specimens passed the crash tests came. Two models, the already mentioned Osann Fox and the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix with the Family Fix base protected the crash test dummies in a side impact, however, is only sufficient. In the case of an accident, a higher risk of injury for children would be here as in other models.

New models are not better than winners of previous years

In addition to the passing the crash tests scored several of the current models in terms of comfort. Thus, children may be in some specimens, in the rest position, the flat, the shells of two models of Britax, and also the Around U from Chicco can also be 90 degrees to the door, turning to babies easier seat belt. Nevertheless, the new models did not perform better than the best specimens of previous vintages. The Stiftung Warentest advised therefore, in the four categories of baby seats, child seats for children from nine to 18 kilograms of body weight and 15 kg of body weight, as well as in the so-called I-Size child seats in which the corresponding seat on the basis of the body size of the child is chosen, the winners from previous Tests.

Video: crash test with Airbag-child seat



In addition to the appropriate size and accident safety parents should pay attention to, but also on the correct installation of the seat. According to a study by the accident research of the insurers revealed that in 48 percent of the car the child seats are not properly secured. In the case of Isofix was Sitting, the error rate is significantly lower, only 33 percent of the seats with these safety systems have been used incorrectly. These seats are connected by two retaining lugs rigid with the body, which reduces the forward movement during a frontal impact. At the same time, the installation of such seats is relatively easy.


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