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With the UX, the Lexus brand intends to celebrate success in Europe and more than 100,000 cars a year to sell. The Design of the SUV seems, accordingly, on the attack, but when Driving, the car shows its other side.



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Tom Grünweg

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Wednesday, 12.09.2018
At 15:09

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The first impression: With the huge grille and the sharp edges the Lexus UX, as he would a Japanese animated adventure sprung.

Says the manufacturer: the Outside of SUV’s, sedan’s interior – Chica Kako, the project Manager of the Lexus UX, the car for people designed, still don’t know exactly what you want. Because so much of the new, under the RX based series SUV looks, so you should feel to a sedan.

Photo gallery

Autograph Lexus UX:
SUV with a Grimace

Kako, the new model is called an Urban Explorer, with the you should go especially in the city on a journey of discovery. Notably in Europe, where the car would not be able to come to the end of the decade, finally to more than 100,000 new registrations per year.



The we noticed: Behind the Wheel of the UX feels very different than the usual SUV. Not only that it is closer to the ground than usual. But with heavily contoured Seats, a high center console and the driver’s side facing the Cockpit, takes the UX to be formally captured. What project managers Kako is called the “In-Control”Position, otherwise rather of coupes.

Also, the space resembles a sports car than an SUV. While you are sitting in the first row, really comfortable, and in the second row, the car offers more space than, for example, on the same platform-by-step Toyota C-HR. But at 4.50 metres in length and 2.64 meters wheelbase, the possibilities are limited. Particularly, because the roof falls flat, and the tailgate is at an angle. So the knee – and headroom in the rear are somewhat limited and the boot is not among the largest.

The sporty Seating position generates expectations that can meet the car just difficult, at least in the Hybrid Version. The comes in a system output of 178 horsepower and is sure to be sufficiently strong. However, the noticeably improved, stepless CVT transmission is not a brake is always a fun, by implementing the increasing speed directly in noticeable speed. For the Sprint from 0 to 100, the UX 250h takes 8.5 seconds and the maximum speed is 177 km/h.

Also, the hybrid drive of the UX is a disappointment, because the battery is too small, and not at the outlet can be loaded. Although Lexus has it right with the evaluation of the UX is called the average fuel consumption of 4.1 Liter per 100 kilometers is more realistic than the abstruse standards airbrushed values for cars with Plug-in hybrid drive. But the fun of the Streamers, that slide in and out of the city or the fast Sprints, it can be loud, lots of Then, the UX does not offer. Who wants to go electric, it is allowed to caress the gas pedal, only with the little toe, and only a few Hundred meters wide anyway.

Take a look in the interior of the Lexus UX – with our 360-degree photo:

Best to drive the UX without great ambitions. Then the spasm in the battle for the Pole Position or a high electric share a blissful relaxation gives way to, and you can enjoy the behavior of the comfortable setting and the hand-driving.

The need to know: Constructed on the new Prius introduced in Global Architecture, as a platform for Toyota’s so important for VW’s modular Transverse matrix, the UX in Europe in March, 2019 in the trade. Now, a year and a half before the Start, there is no specific price, but only an indicative value of about 33,000 Euro.

For this sum the UX is offered, however, with a conventional four-cylinder petrol engine and a power of 171 HP as a front-wheel drive. Its fuel consumption is 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers, the maximum speed at 190 km/h. The Hybrid drive comes from the same 2.0-Liter four-cylinder, but the engine works because of the electrical support in a more efficient combustion cycle, the so-called Atkinson cycle, and has only made 146 HP. What is missing to the Hybrid system output of 178 HP, controls an electric motor with 109 HP, the drives on request, the rear axle and a four-wheel drive.

During the motor selection in terms of competition is rather scarce, with Lexus in terms of equipment. There is not only noble materials such as leather for the interior, but also a number of assistance systems: from the distance control system, intelligent high beam, Head-up Display to the adaptive suspension.

We will not forget: The view into the Cockpit, if you are one of the many buttons on the steering Wheel presses. Then moves, in fact, before the virtual – because the digital Display is a real, solid scale ring and a clear view of other graphics. This is completely pointless, but still so beautiful to look at, that you want to do it again.

Vehicle registration certificate


UX 250h


Four-Cylinder Gasoline Engine + Electric Motor

continuously variable automatic


1.987 CC

146 HP (107 kW)

Power (E-Motor):
109 HP (81 kW)

180 Nm

From 0 to 100:
8.5 s

Maximum speed:
178 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
4.1 liters

CO2 emissions:
96 g/km

1.540 kg

4495 / 1840 / 1520

33.000 GBP

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