Switzerland wants to widen streets due to the SUV Boom verb

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The Swiss love off-road vehicles and SUV’s – but the roads are often too narrow. Now the lanes should be wider. The Greens speak of a “surrender”.

In Switzerland, a debate is raging should be, how wide the roads in the country in the future. Since more and more SUV’s are on the road, the lanes are now too narrow, and argue government and professionals. Also pass had the car at the cross.

“If the vehicles are wider, the street is wider, otherwise there is a risk of accidents” is increased, Jean-Marc Jeanneret, President of the Association of Transport professionals in Switzerland (VSS) told the “Tages-Anzeiger”. His Association revised just submit the standard for Street. Support the VPP by the Swiss Federal office for roads.

In Parking garages it is closely

Each of the third parties in Switzerland registered vehicle was, according to the report, 2016 in an SUV. Of the nearly two meters in width, the GLC is currently the most popular Mercedes, BMW’s top-seller, the X1. Volkswagen Fans will buy in Switzerland, almost as many Tiguan as Gulf.

An average of twelve inches, the average new car has grown, according to a study of the Duisburg car expert Ferdinand dudenhöffer since the beginning of the nineties in the width. Individual vehicles have cracked the Two-Meter-brand – like the Cadillac Escalade (2.06 meters). This has already led to the fact that it is in many of the buildings closely.

Ten to 50 centimetres more space, the experts want to buy now, Swiss traffic participants. Currently the roads between 3.25 and 3.75 metres are for national for a roadway set, mountain – and city streets are often narrow. Load better conditions would have the car by an adjustment in many places, but also all-terrain vehicles in terms of game space, such as when Overtaking.

Conflicts with cyclists in narrow streets

This would also reduce conflicts with cyclists, stressed a spokesman for the importer Association Auto-Schweiz. Bicycle lanes are often just marked with a dashed line on the roadway. The result is that the wider the car, the more likely there are conflicts.

Excited the Swiss Green will respond to the initiative. “If you do now the streets are wider and, therefore, the SUV comes from the opposite direction, the same as a capitulation to the climate targets,” said the Deputy Aline Trede of the newspaper “20 minutes”.

Sharp criticism comes also from security experts. “The risk of an accident would be significantly increased, because wider lanes result in faster Travel,” said BFU spokesman Marc Kipfer, with a view to a first, first, failed foray to the VSS for more Asphalt.

In view of the heated debate, the experts are not, however, have the last word in the matter. In the end, a political decision was needed, it was said in the case of the social Democrats, in this year, the head of government.


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