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In the times of the SUV boom in the BMW works 3-series sedan as a car from the good old time. Lucky that the Munich have improved in the remake of a classic, especially its typical properties.



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Tom Grünweg

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Wednesday, 02.01.2019
06:38 PM

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The first impression: kidney or nose ring? The chrome frame around the BMW grille will separate the spirits. However, the Detail is important – otherwise, you could differentiate the new 3 series from the old.

Says the manufacturer: If the BMW-developers such as Jos van As, the new 3er speak, often use the term “Ultimate Sports Sedan” (ultimate sports sedan). Because it’s the mainly the 3 series is for BMW brand slogan “Driving pleasure” is. Over six generations, has earned the car a sporty reputation. The van As and his colleagues want to defend. Aware of you have the 3 series is not quite as comfortable as a Mercedes C-class or technique of love as the Audi A4, designed. As long as the customer is used for Longitudinal and transverse forces are of interest, you want to satisfy these needs – and have in the seventh edition of the 3 series. “We wanted to build the car even more sporty, brisk and agile, without compromising on comfort,” says van As.

Photo gallery

Autograph BMW 3 series:
Digital Acceleration

The we noticed: Fits loose and has no air – the new 3 series fits like a shirt from the tailor. Whether you take in the potent 330i with 258 HP in the 320d with 190 HP space – you just need to apply the brakes a couple of Times turning in a curve and back on the Gas, you realize that the new 3 series is quite Old. Already on the first meters of the car conveys a direct, unadulterated feel for the road, so that the Backrest becomes steeper, with the hands fixed on the Wheel engages and all the attention on the road. This is otherwise known of sports car, where you should not measure the 3 – series but due to the weaker performance and higher comfort. Because, BMW bought the dynamics of the 3 series, with hardness. Finally, the 3 series car is also a family coach and company. “Quick yet relaxed on the highway to and beyond 200 km/h no wet hands” – so Jos van As describes the target at the time of the vote.

Take a look in the interior of the BMW 330i – with our 360-degree photo:

Because the speed of many customers, but is now less important than good performance on the data highway, BMW has digitized the Cockpit and a large touch screen built-in. Thanks to the new operating system, the menus are easier to personalize, the online link to the Cloud works well. In addition, there is a digital wizard, how to models knew him from new Mercedes -. After the acclamation, “Hey BMW,” he listens to free-form commands, searches for targets in the environment, plays the music of desire, or supports the air conditioning.

The influence of the assistance systems is continuing to grow. One of them, the driving assistant, the driven 50 to 100 Meter remembers the last and you push the button and reverse leaves. Electronics finds its way and freed the car as safe from any predicament into which it has manoeuvred. The driver only needs to step on the Gas or brakes.

The must know: The 3 series is BMW’s most important car, for the Image and the paragraph. In six generations, since 1975, some 15 million copies have been sold. The seventh edition comes on the 9th. March in the trade and cost at least 37.850 Euro. There are the 3 318d with a 150-HP 2.0-Liter Diesel. In addition, the same engine as a 320d with 190 HP and is the only six-cylinder in the 330D with the 3.0 Liter and 265 HP. In addition, there are two 2.0-litre petrol engine in the 320i with 184, and in the 330i with 258 HP. Later, a M 340i with 374 HP, a Plug-in Hybrid will follow with more than 50 kilometres of electric range and an M3, whose performance will be assessed at just under 500 HP. As body variants, there will be Touring and GT, as well as two-door, convertible and Gran Coupé the 4-series.

Externally, the 3-series is largely based on the shape of the previous model, the new Format is. In the length it grows to almost eight inches, the wheelbase has increased by four inches. So there is especially in the back seat a bit more space. Besides, the car is two inches wider and gets in the front four and rear two more inches of track width for a more stable and a better driving experience. Although he is growing in all dimensions, Slims down the 3 a hundredweight.

We will not forget: The perils of voice control. It only works with good mobile coverage, and even then not always. The song search is not possible when Streaming only works sometimes. Anyone looking for a toilet, is not pointed out from the Computer to the nearest Parking lot. After all, the digital assistant has internalized the joy of the Ride: Who “is not me says boring”, she turns on the Radio, but recommends switching to the “Sport”mode. According to the Motto: Talking is silver, is Gold.

Vehicle registration certificate


330i (2019)


Four-Cylinder Petrol Direct Injection Turbo

Eight-Speed Automatic


1,998 CC

258 HP (190 kW)

400 Nm

From 0 to 100:
5.8 s

Maximum speed:
250 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
5.8 liters

CO2 emissions:
132 g/km

480 liters

1.540 kg

4709 / 1827 / 1442

44.750 GBP

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