Tesla Model 3 : arrival in Europe in early 2019

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The Tesla Model 3 will at last make its entrance on the european market at the beginning of the year 2019.

A result of the many difficulties encountered in recent times, Tesla announces finally the arrival of its Model 3 on the european market for the beginning of the year 2019. The rates, however, are not yet disclosed.

After a very long wait, it would seem that the Tesla Model 3 is finally ready to be distributed in our market. Announced since the beginning of the year 2016, the “small” Tesla has accumulated delays in its production and if the first copies were delivered to the United States during the summer of 2017, the european launch kept being pushed back.

The california firm, however, comes to confirm that the commands of the Model 3 will be open at the end of this year for Europe and that the first deliveries will take place in spring 2019. The “small” sedan that Tesla would finally have achieved a rate of production sufficient to enable it to be disseminated outside of the us market.


What is the price for the Model 3 French ?

In addition, following the presentation of the self to the european public during the World of Paris, the returns have been very positive. Now remains to know the prices which will be sold the car, knowing that the version of $ 35,000 promised to the origin of which is still not available in the United States.

Several versions of the Model 3 will normally be available at launch, with batteries of various capacities (to 350 or 500 km of autonomy) and performance variables depending on if it is powered or awd (dual motor).


Tesla finally beneficiary

Other good news : the american brand has just announced it has finally been beneficiary for the third quarter of 2018, while it was losing money for over two years. And these good results should last to the end of the year. Tesla would have indeed managed to reduce significantly its production costs, with manufacturing time reduced by 30 % for the Model 3.


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