Tesla Model S : the Ares Design is preparing a convertible version

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This is what it would look like the convertible version of the Tesla Model S, that plans to make Ares Design.

Awaiting the arrival of the new Tesla roadster for 2020, Ares Design seems to be ready to uncap the sedan Model S. The release date and the price of the gear, however, remain unknown…

Today, the supply of convertibles power is almost non-existent on the market. And if Tesla is preparing a new roadster, high-performance, it will not be produced before 2020. In the meantime, Ares Design seems to want to engage in the production of a convertible version of the sedan Model S, as shown in the published draft on his account Facebook.

This design allows us to see the back of the car. This

Model S roof would have then only two doors and there is a double boss, a little like what we know on a Porsche 911 Speedster. A priori, this convertible could still accommodate four passengers, which would give him a certain advantage with respect to the future Tesla roadster.

The new roadster provided by Tesla is announced with performance surpassing the best supercars of today.

Remains to be seen whether this car will one day be produced in small series and on what date. Because if Ares Design, full of ideas, to the image of the reinterpretation of the De Tomaso Pantera made in the last year, few of his creations seem to have actually seen the light of day until then. Unless it is a special order requested by a customer…

Recall that the small Italian company led by Dany Bahar also offers preparations essentially aesthetic, for a variety of models like Land Rover Defender or Mercedes v Class.


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