Tesla’s Model 3 now with CCS plug

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In the future, the Model 3 should be able to be loaded by Tesla at the charging stations of other suppliers – without the Adapter. The manufacturer adjusts to the start of sales in Europe, its plug-in design.

When electric car manufacturer Tesla preparations for the Start of the bearer of hope Model 3 will hit the European market. The US group adapts to local conditions: the European Version of The Model 3 will also support the country’s usual CCS plug for Fast charging.

With this Change, the batteries of the vehicles in the future can be filled not only to the in-house Super chargers, but also on charging stations from other providers. For owners of the older Tesla car Model S and Model X are to be replaced with CCS-Adapter, Tesla announced.

Model 3, for the first time in German sale of exhibited spaces

The deliveries of the Model 3 in Europe will start according to the previous announcements in the first half of 2019. In preparation for this the car maker for the first time a Model of 3 vehicles in its stores in Munich and Düsseldorf.


You Know Elon Musk?

The Model 3 is supposed to bring Tesla with a US price from $ 35,000 pre-tax and electric-car perks from the upper-class niche in a broader market. How much is the cost of the Model 3 in Europe, is not yet known.

The company of billionaire Elon Musk succeeded only in the summer with a half year delay to the planned production of about 5000 vehicles per week. Tesla had more than 400.000 reservations for the Model 3, for each $ 1,000 deposited. How many of them are from Europe, was not known.


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