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The commercialization of the Tesla Model 3 is expected in the first half of 2019. It may be estimated around 40 to 45 000 €.

The smaller Tesla Model 3 made its first appearance in France on the occasion of the World Auto 2018. We climbed on board.

The delay of the commercialization of Model 3 has pushed Tesla to several difficulties. The last is the withdrawal of Elon Musk, the chairman of the board of directors of the brand, but it retains his position as general manager. These setbacks do not detract from the interest in the new compact Model 3. This new model is in effect a template more in line with the expectations of the French market that the big S and X. Its length of 4.70 m is located in the face of the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series models premium referents in Europe.

The Tesla Model 3 exposed to the World of the automobile 2018.

Just as the Model S at its launch, the Model 3 was seduced first by its sleek design and elegant lines. The hood is very flat and the forward-positioned front windscreen offer a look that is very distinct to the small Tesla, especially front view. The flush pulls are also a nice effect and they encourage the good value of Cx, set at 0.23.


On board the Tesla Model 3

The seduction continues on the inside, especially if you love the interiors airy. The Tesla Model 3 even goes as far as proposing a furniture extremely minimalist. It is simple, there is only a single button on the dashboard, warning lights. We can’t do less ! Ha, if there are two buttons on the steering wheel to which you assign the role via the touch-screen : they can thus serve to adjust the side mirrors, the position of the steering wheel, the volume, etc…

“The minimalistic interior of the Model 3 is enticing, the touch screen is easy to use“

All orders go through thetouch screen of 15 inches installed horizontally (17-inch, and vertical in the Model S). The latter takes advantage of a floating installation for the benefit of its integration. Control tower of the car, the touch pad displays a graphic neat and a good reactivity.

In the interior of the Tesla Model 3 in the World auto 2018.

The interior design of the Model 3 is nice and plenty of storage space fall under the hand. In more detail, the finish and the materials could not match the level observed on the premium germans. At the front, the feeling of space due to the forward-positioned front windscreen is nice. At the rear, there is also the comfort but the high floor requires to be installed with the high knees.

With its batteries in the floor and its electric motor on the rear axle, the Model 3 offers two chests with a total volume of 542 litres. Tesla does not specify the volume of each but even with the Dual version Motor – that installs an electric motor on the front axle – the volume of the forward cargo hold is unchanged.

The rear seats Tesla Model 3 there is no tailgate on the Model 3.

It should be noted that the access to the trunk is not a trunk and not a hatchback, however, is more practical. This is a difference with the Model S, in fact, the two models do not offer the same structure : aluminium in the Model S, and steel-aluminium on the Model 3 to decrease the price.


Price and battery life Tesla Model 3

About price, the price of the Model 3 in France is not always communicated but it may be estimated around 40 to 45 000 € for the basic version, off bonus of € 6,000. As an indication, the price of the Model 3 in the United States varies from 35 000 € excluding tax (basic version with 350 km of autonomy) to 50 000 dollars excluding tax for the version of Dual Motor with 500 km of autonomy. The autonomy announced by Tesla correspond to american standard (pretty realistic), and not the cycle WLTP.

Touch screen 15-inch in the Model 3. Handle flush with the Tesla Model 3

In addition to the rate not known, Tesla does not communicate on the power of Lithium-ion batteries, whose technology is the same as that of the Model S. therefore, There remains much to discover of this Model 3 whose marketing in France is now scheduled in the first half of 2019. Only certainty, its use will be able to rely on a network of charging account today 63 stations in France which represent 500 load terminals. The German automakers who want to start their offensive power can not say so much.


Technical data sheet Tesla Model 3


350 to 500 km depending on the choice of the battery (estimated by EPA)


Propulsion : 0 to 100 km/h : 5.4 seconds – 225 km/h

All-wheel drive : 0 to 100 km/h : 4.8 seconds – 233 km/h

Model 3 Performance : 0 to 100 km/h : 3.7 seconds – 250 km/h


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