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Pilen thanks also to: Husqvarna pleases the eye by its simplicity.
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The Vitpilen 701 Husqvarna combines beauty with simplicity. The technical framework is derived from the KTM 690 Duke. The impression is that it weighs much more than a crispbread.

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          The First thing you notice is what you don’t see. Ballast, accessories, ornament, Aufmotzung – nothing of the sort. Fresh and clear, the sight of the Husqvarna seems, fresh as the young Morning. Wherever you show up: Nod. Rarely, the verdict is so unanimous as in this case. The message of lightness, of lightheartedness and simplicity. Just sit on and drive off.

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          The Second thing that strikes you when you set off, is a trifle, of the clutch lever. Of the is short. So short that the domes of the little Finger of the left Hand, while the ring finger pushes against the bump at the end of the lever. Unfamiliar and a bit uncomfortable. As to the question of Why arises again and again. No developer, no test drivers can be lost on the short lever problem. It must have been a reason. But what is it?

          A functional advantage is not visible. Also the brake lever on the right Handlebar is short, what bothers you less, because for the crunchy hard-hitting single-disc front stoppers are the Two Finger braking method is sufficient at any time. The long lever supplier was perhaps indisposed? Or you chose the short parts in the Belief that better match the appearance of the vehicle? This could be the solution to the puzzle.

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          Because the raison d’être of the Vitpilen 701 is in the Styling. Everything Technical there was already such a Styling. Since the KTM subsidiary Husqvarna 2014 began, the Public bit by bit, the concept of a cool beauty of bold simplicity, not built up excitement and anticipation, as you observed it often. Now the vehicle is here, in a sophisticated way simple, and if you don’t want to see, then the Arm projecting long lever that tarnish the overall image.

          The technical framework is derived from the KTM 690 Duke, including the most powerful series production single-cylinder engine in the world. KTM is sent with its sub-brand, which was originally Swedish, then in Italian, temporarily Bayer and is now in upper Austria, home. The Husqvarna’s are made, together with the KTM-motorcycles, using the same parts. The close relationship of the Vitpilen (Swedish for “White arrow”) with the more common, other target groups appealing Duke is perfectly laminated. The designers have done a great job. The price of beauty: 10 555 Euro. The 1600 Euro more than the KTM costs.

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          For higher quality, adjustable suspension components and a shift assistant, on the other hand, no riding modes, and no color display in the Cockpit. The Nobel award can be explained mainly by elaborate workmanship, the attention to the beautiful Detail, the components that meet the highest requirements. The LED lighting all around is nice, particularly striking are the round headlights, looks in the Bright well, and in the dark, good looks. A piece of jewellery of the tank lid, the silver-colored 12-litre fuel tank itself plays to great effect with the light reflections and shades, and raises the question of why the Vitpilen is called Silverpilen.

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