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By Ralf Neukirch

Ralf Neukirch

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    Saturday, 27.10.2018
    At 16:38

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    The autumn is not only a wonderful time to Bicycle, but also a difficult. What kind of clothes is the right for temperatures in the morning at five, and in the late afternoon at 20 degrees?


    • Hanna Becker

      First of all, little pointed to a continuing love affair. The first encounter with a bike, in the Ralf Neukirch remembered, ended with a fall. But at some point, the Cycling of the need for passion was for the LEVEL editor. Since then, he holds it with John F. Kennedy: “Nothing compares with the simple pleasure to ride a bike.”

      From the beautiful moments, but also the sporting, technical and personal challenges of Cycling Ralf Neukirch told regularly in this Blog.

    The main problem with Cycling in this time of year is not the cold but the Wind. The faster you drive, the less unpleasant it will be. The most important piece of clothing is, therefore, a vest. I do not mean this orange safety vests, in which it looks like you would save just an accident, but a good Cycling vest. The close, on the chest and shoulder wind density and in the ideal case, the rear out of a lighter Material, the excess heat well-directs and prevents sweating.

    I’ve been driving for a minimum of ten years, vest by Odlo, the rear cut is slightly longer. The Wind and the splash guard, if you drive plates on a road bike or mountain bike without protection. Important is also reflective elements on the back are to be seen in the dark by motorists. My vest has three rear pockets, as you know, Cycling jerseys, in which I stow in need a scarf or gloves. The front has two zipper pockets in which I can wallet, gloves, keys, and other things to pack. Just Commuting with the bike, which is very helpful.

    Merino warm wool when it is cold and cools at higher temperatures

    Under the vest I wear as a first layer, a T-Shirt or a Polo-shirt made from Merino wool. The for a number of years as the ideal Material for sports activities. It warms when cold and cools at higher temperatures. Wool smells comes other than artificial fibres or cotton, if you even break a sweat. My favorite T-Shirts are from the British company Vulpine. They are not as soft as silk, scrape and cut like the vest in the back a little longer. They also have a reflective strip on the back and a small pocket for the mobile phone.

    Photo gallery

    Cycling clothing for the autumn:
    Now is gezwiebelt

    Unfortunately, the company no longer has to sign up, apparently, in bankruptcy, in any case, there is the website and the last Tweet dates back to March. In some Internet Shops you can find but still Vulpine-Shirts. An Alternative is the T-Shirts of Isadore, all of which are equipped with all the important Details. You can of course use a normal Merino Shirt, I have some Ice-Breaker in the Cabinet. Then, you should make sure that they are long enough. There is nothing more unpleasant than when the wind whistles in the waistband.

    As the shell sweaters or Sweatshirts with a high percentage of wool are also suitable. In addition to the properties already mentioned, the great advantage that you can cart with you civilized people, unlike the still widely-used colorful Plastic tops.

    A vest is essential

    I’m currently in a sweater from Rapha, was quite expensive, but some of it provides: the Back of the fabric is thinner than the front, so the heat can escape. In a hidden zipper pocket, valuables can be stowed. And the cuffs on the Sleeves can be folded up, so that a strip of reflective yarn and is placed in bright Pink free, what is the visibility improved dramatically (and also the occasion for discussions). After driving to work the knit waistband back down and has a work-appropriate sweater, the looks are not removed after “function” and for when it is warmer, small roll.

    On road bike tours in the autumn, a waistcoat is also essential, if also in a light Version that fits in the Jersey pocket. Even better, I think jerseys have incorporated on the chest and the shoulders, a wind protection. Rapha, there are specially designed for long distance trips, a beautiful Jersey with a windproof stocking, I bought it in the sale. It is, of course, on short distances super. Other companies such as Café du Cycliste, or PEdALED have similar jerseys in the offer. It is important that the thing on the bike to try out. I have throws a shirt from PEdALED, the looks Are great, but on the road bike unfortunately folding, because it is too long for me.

    Who does not want to purchase a new Jersey for, among others, Gore Bike Wear have a cheaper Alternative: T-Shirts with integrated wind protection membrane, when worn under the Jersey. This works surprisingly well, even if the sweat Shirt is transported away in the chest area as well as in a conventional T -. So there is something of the Craft is also available in a Version for the pants. But it is really only something for icy temperatures.

    In this way, I’m driving up in the Winter without problems. It is only when it is really uncomfortable, I’ll get my soft-shell jacket from the closet. A cold torso is in the Winter, anyway the least of the problems. There are other parts of the body sensitive. But there are solutions.

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