The Bicycle is booming – when it’s not raining

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The Germans are discovering the Bicycle as a means of transport new and use it especially if it is warm and Sunny. But she slowly hardening apparently.

If you are looking for signs of a real shift in Traffic, she finds the bike. For over ten years, it is again clearly visible, especially in good weather.

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    Andreas Knie is head of the research group science policy at the science centre Berlin for social research (WZB). The social scientist is regarded as one of the leading mobility experts in Germany. For SPIEGEL ONLINE, the knee explains the history of Transport in succession on the basis of graphics, and Numbers.

The importance of using muscle-powered means of transport has increased in Germany demonstrably. This shows the survey “mobility in Germany”: While in the nineties, the proportion of the daily Because of was below five percent, it increased in 2002 to nine percent and in 2017 to eleven percent. In comparison, the share of passenger Cars of 60 (in 2002) declined slightly to 57 percent in 2017.

In each of the major cities such as Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, the bike has already reached a share of more than 20 per cent on all daily. At least there it has become, indeed, a characteristic of a change in transport behaviour.

However, it is used in these official surveys, only a date of a year. But the bike is not always and in any weather is a Option – what is the development in Detail?

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Cycling clothing for the autumn:
Now is gezwiebelt

For several years, some cities to automatic Counting machines in the Bicycle traffic throughout the year. This will make it possible for the first time, to capture the importance of the Cycling of fine-grained and in the course of time. For two Counting stations in Berlin and data are back up in June 2015, so that a development can be shown over a number of years.

Characteristic is the very strong fluctuations in the course of the year. This is illustrated by the curve in green, which represents the temperature as a monthly mean. However, it is evident in the comparison of the low point to the beginnings of the Year from 2016 to 2018, a significantly increasing trend: In the spring of 2018 were counted for both Counting stations, with approximately 50,000 Cycling more than two years previously, and the values at about the same Temperature. In Strasbourg (France), a similar trend can be observed.

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E-Bike News:
The Mass Motorization

The bottom line from these Numbers: Yes, the Bicycle has gained importance, but it is a volatile means of transport, remains, very suitable when the weather is nice, less attractive in the cold and rain. But silently and secretly, the number of all-weather riders is growing. More and more people adjust to adversity and to integrate the wheel into your year-round routine. If better clothing is, or more likely cleared the bike path in the Winter, is not clearly determined.

One way or the other – the wheel is actually on the way to become for more people a year vehicle. This is surprising, since there is hardly a town in Germany, a sufficient and adequate infrastructure. This Trend remains stable, the authorities have to the wheels more space in the public space to assign.

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