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Motorhomes are becoming more and more compact – however, the manufacturer promises constant comfort. A technological development helps.



Tuesday, 05.02.2019
At 17:11

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Live on ten square meters of – what in everyday life is unthinkable, is in the camping industry is currently becoming more and more popular. In order to provide for shrinking the size of the vehicle still be plenty of camping comfort, the manufacturer powerful. The compact Camper, despite a length of only about five meters, four berths, cooker, sink, fridge and – this is new – even a bathroom with a toilet and a small shower.

“We see that people want in a vacation apparently the Road trip, and character, and not so long stay in one place,” says Daniel Onggowinarso, managing Director of the caravanning industry Association (CVID). “In addition, more compact vehicles that are easier to handle in future are especially suitable.” To drive with a Ten-foot RV through the narrow streets in the South of Italy – you don’t want to try out a lot of customers apparently.

Thus, in a small space, however, all that is Necessary is for an extended camping trip available, the manufacturer increasingly sophisticated solutions and layouts in which elements are folded away or removed when not needed. For example, the complete kitchen can be expanded accessed block in some campers with two hand. This creates space in the interior, and the kitchen can also be used outside.

A component, several functions

Other components, however, fulfill a number of functions. A cover of the underlying ice maker does not only enlarge the work surface, but can also take out and as a small table in a bar in the interior of the mount. Add additional floors and a clever folding solutions that make the space of the Camper’s multi-functional.

The producers is another Trend for the benefit. Many of the components in the interior and through the technical development is simply smaller. Thus, LEDs require less space than incandescent bulbs, and also the TV screens are now flat and need less space.

Compact Camper but also need a compact base vehicle. The Fiat Ducato was until a few years ago the top dog of the base vehicle, is used more and more frequently, even the much smaller vans, Talento Fiat as a motorhome. Karmann-Mobil, for example, the model Danny offers as a short variant 490 or in the long version of the 530 (with wet-room and toilet) on the Basis of the Talento.

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RV news CMT 2019:
So, we go to the new camping year

More and more compact Camper

Long ago, other manufacturers have discovered the market for themselves. “In the Vanbereich a lot has changed,” says Onggowinarso. More and more the base vehicle manufacturer. The Pössl tag of Citroën space Tourer with pop-up roof, this property is located in baptized, as an Alternative to 7500 euros more expensive VW California shows.

Also, Nissan offers with the five-Meter-long delivery NV300 car camping suitable for model Michelangelo with bed module and a kitchenette. The well-4,50 Meter-ultra-compact Nissan Evalia can be found as a tag, however, only in the case of small specialist firms.

A reason for the campers become more and more popular on Van-based wax, looks Onggowinarso also in its dual usability: “they are good, unlike large motorhomes, for everyday use – the children of the school to pick up the weeks of your purchase.”

Also in the high-roof station wagon, you can live

And it goes even a little smaller: VW advertises the 4,53 meters short Caddy Beach with Sunbeds and outside of the tent as a “small, mobile apartment”. Not quite so rudimentary, and on the Basis of 30 centimeters longer Caddy Maxi the Caddy Camp from the Fitters Reimo then there is also cooking facilities, a sink, table and cabinets.

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Camping buses:
Alternatives to the VW-Bulli

Anyone who has a van or high roof Combi he can be converted relatively quickly to the Camper. For this special offer commercial retrofit sets with bed, wardrobes and kitchen modules for the trunk of Minivans, which are easy – to expand. Pick-ups can, in turn, with removable camper cabins to motorhome conversion.

Stefan Weißenborn/dpa/cfr

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