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Classic car dealerships are according to a study, prior to the drastic cuts. The Internet and the Power of the auto companies threatened the existence of independent traders.

The success of Online retail will change in the coming years, the auto industry is profound. The consulting firm PwC, in a study published on Wednesday. Independent auto dealers From the threat in the long term, even the.

For well over half (56 percent) of the customers of the main contact person is, according to a survey by PwC among 1000 German consumers in the car dealer today when buying a car. Almost two-thirds of the consumers can imagine, therefore, now well, to purchase your car directly from the manufacturer. And after all, every second was open for the purchase via an online platform.

Diesel scandal impacted car dealerships

Currently, many retailers suffer from the exhaust gas scandal, the diesel cars dramatically in value. This is particularly important for car dealerships to be negative, the such vehicles in large quantities lease and after the expiration of the contract by the customer.

The majority of the dealer considers, that its position in the medium to deteriorate until, in the long term. “Three out of five German car dealers no longer believe in their business model,” concludes PwC the result of a survey of 1800 traders.

Auto industry puts traders under pressure

Four out of five retailers felt that the direct sales, the manufacturer threatened, almost three-quarters through independent sales platforms on the Internet. In addition, each second traders complained that the customer loyalty is decreasing.

It was questionable whether the business model of the independent car dealerships “in view of the age of the Internet, almost complete price transparency for a long maintained”, stated PwC expert Simon Ström. Manufacturers and car dealers would need to dovetail in the future, much narrower. “The auto companies are specifying in this constellation, clearly the sound” predicted by the PwC car expert Felix Kuhnert.

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