The car industry is asking for less stringent climate goals because of the exhaust scandal

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Europe’s car manufacturers want to beat from the exhaust gas scandal capital. Because diesel cars are selling poorly, the CO2-saving targets for 2021 in danger. The EU had more Lenient. Experts disagree.

The massive slump in sales in diesel cars, the European car manufacturers increasingly doubt that they meet the EU climate targets for the coming years. “In our industry is huge concern whether we are achieving the target for 2021, because that is of course tricky,” said the Secretary-General of the European automobile industry Association Acea, Erik Jonnaert, the German press Agency in Brussels.

Jonnaert also for a reduction of the planned targets for the years up to 2030. The long-term goals would need to remain “realistic”. The General Assembly of the EU Parliament will vote in early October. In addition, Acea warned of massive job losses through a forced conversion to electric cars as a result of stricter CO2 limit values.

CO2 emissions are rising again for the first time

Since 2009, the European Union regulates CO2 emissions from cars. In the year 2021 new cars of the manufacturer are permitted to emit on average only 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre. In fact, the value of 2017, averaging 118.5 grams, with a slightly increasing trend.

“Despite the efforts we have made as a manufacturer, the CO2 emissions for the first Time,” said Jonnaert. Reason of the descent of diesel fuel, which consumes less than gasoline. Nevertheless, the manufacturer tried everything to reach the targets, as otherwise heavy penalties would be payable, – said Jonnaert.

Objectives according to the experts accessible – but it is expensive

According to experts, the climate targets for the industry. “It will be for some manufacturers a nail-biter,” says Michael Schweikl, automotive expert at the consulting firm PA Consulting. Technically, the short-term savings potential of the vehicles in development is largely exhausted. “Now, the selling price of the manufacturers to offer efficient cars, how they market them, and whether they can produce enough of it.”

In other words: if Necessary, the manufacturer would have to grant high discounts on fuel-efficient cars in order to avoid high, image-damaging penalties.

Once there were concessions

From the point of view of the industry critical of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) exaggerate the company with their Concerns. “Most of the manufacturers are on a good way your 2021er to achieve target values, even as they have overachieved in the previous years, their target value,” says ICCT Director Peter Mock.

The company had also irritates all the technical potential. Diesel cars increase, according to the ICCT, also, the Trend toward heavy cars – what Savings can counter act.

In 2013 the auto industry had acted out already in concessions for the current climate goals. So the manufacturers of electric cars may be generous as emission-free vehicles. In addition, the company received a deferral of one year.

The Association wants to tab targets by 2030

For the years 2021 to 2030 the Acea-Manager plans of the EU Commission rejected again, a further reduction of the CO2-values of 30 percent to prescribe. And he warned the European Parliament urgently to increase this target to 50 percent. This was expressed, among others, the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD). Environmental groups demanded on Tuesday 60 to 70 percent CO2 reduction by 2030.

Realistically, only 20 percent were Jonnaert said. “Of course it feels good to have on paper a high reduction target, but we want to make sure that what is written will be fulfilled at least in our industry.”


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