The car industry should pay for Hardware retrofits on nitrogen oxide tax

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The auto industry does not want to pay for the installation of exhaust filters in engineered diesel cars – and angered the Federal government. The Grand coalition is considering a punitive tax for the corporations.

In the Federal government’s displeasure over the auto industry, the manipulated don’t want to retrofit diesel cars at its own expense grows. A working paper from the Federal Ministry for the environment, now brings a penalty tax for the corporations in the game, which is calculated according to the nitrogen oxide emissions from new vehicles.

The money collected should flow into a Fund, it says in the Letter, which is the MIRROR. From the Fund the installation of an effective exhaust should be paid to the filters. No time should be lost, “more”, it says. The Federal Ministry for the environment confirmed the existence of the paper, but would give no further information.

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Hardware Upgrade:
Is this the solution?

The tax will apply according to the authors, three to four years at the time of sale of new diesel cars. From the producers of the money, therefore, the Federal office of Economics and export control (BAFA) could collect.

Nitrogen oxides are at the center of the exhaust gas scandal. Over the years, Volkswagen and other manufacturers had manipulated the engines, so that the harmful substance is only filtered on the test bench to be effective.

How high the tax might be, remains in the paper open. Overall, the conversion of the affected vehicles cost at least 4.4 billion euros, had been charged by the Federal Ministry for the environment in the summer. Per vehicle up to 3000 Euro.

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High Exhaust Pollution:
In these cities, the Diesel will apply discounts

Hardware retrofits are a Central part of the diesel compromise in the Grand coalition. In cities with dirty air, the citizens are effective catalysts in your car to install. However, it had rejected manufacturers such as Opel and BMW quickly and categorically, to contribute to the costs.

Volkswagen had shown itself to be more open-minded. However, the wolf want to pay Burger only if all the other manufacturers do this also. Thus, the government can implement your retrofit promise to the diesel driver is currently in use. Tomorrow, Thursday, the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) receives re-group representatives and wants to break up their rigid attitude.

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