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The Trend to electric cars drives strange flowers. So Jaguar to build sports cars classic E-Type to E-Renner. The vintage car loses more than just the six-cylinder engine.


Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Thursday, 01.11.2018
04:37 PM

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The first impression is: can you Find the errors! The Jaguar E-Type Zero and the Original E-Type you are considered as these search images pairs, where ten differences that are hidden. However, in this case, only two. The converted car LED flickering front headlights, and rear of the exhaust is missing. To change more to a car, and even rival Enzo Ferrari, “the most beautiful sports cars in the world” is referred to, would also be sin.

Says the manufacturer: The electric E-Type is for die-hard Fans of a provocation – the white Tim Hannig, head of the classical division at Jaguar. Finally, the lovers pay a six-digit sums for the Original. However, Hannig also know that it’s not beyond the visitors classic Meetings such as the Mille Miglia, Goodwood or Pebble Beach, a new Generation of classic car Fans who care about originality. The just want to get in a cool car without a lot of effort in maintenance and care, want to drive off and not about Oil stains on the garage floor to annoy. Such customers had Hannig in mind when he instigated the project two years ago. After colleagues loudly doubted, he knew that it would not be easy. More out of curiosity and a technical fascination was then built, but a prototype that had changed everything. Hannig: “Who the car is driven, the concept of’ no more doubts.”


Tom Grünweg

The we noticed: The doors are narrow, the seats are tiny, and the footwell is from Shoe size 39 uncomfortable. Actually, everything, as always, in the Jaguar E-Type. But the view to the front makes skeptical. Because behind the spindly steering Wheel, digital instruments flicker. Around the instrument panel made of carbon, in the a large touch-screen emblazoned sits. Including the Smartphone, and recharges wirelessly, where the Original a slim shift knob to battle with the laws of the (transmission) called physics, is now a rotary switch, as he is out of the Range Rover known.

Photo gallery

Autograph Jaguar E-Type Zero:
And in the back of the exhaust is missing

Who puts the “D” and the right foot lowers, confused completely. On the one hand it’s spooky, when a vintage car that rustled in the earlier Version, stank and vibrated, so noiseless and gentle in movement, such as an ICE. On the other side of the E-Type feels, yet familiar. He is fast as the Original and just as handy. With its thin tires, he still follows every little rut in the road, so the driver must constantly correct the course.

Especially this no E-Renner the usual Severity of battery cars. Normally, the high torque of the electric machine compensates for the mass at the Start, in the curves but. The electric E-Type weighs less than 1.4 tonnes, and moves, therefore, almost as light as a feather. And you can’t rely on electronic assistance systems, it makes the whole thing almost authentic. Similar to the antiquated brakes, which provide a certain thrill.

But even if it is rarely so simple was to drive a more than fifty-year-old sports car, and the rag needs to look neither with the clutch still to the level of the Oil, loses the E-Type when you tag more than his exhaust. As with the emissions, he loses also emotions. Yes, the car is fast, and you feel the wind. But without the Sound of the six cylinder engine, without the vibrations that go through marrow and bone, and without the smell of hot Oil and unburnt petrol you can drive the Tesla Roadster – which is also almost a classic.

The need to know: The conversion to electric car takes only 80 hours and is for the classic division of a children’s game. Hannigs Team for the spectacular staged Powerpack to the part no matter. The E-machine from the Jaguar i-Pace and the battery is out of the Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid. In the E-Type, the means of almost 258 HP of power, allowing a Sprint from 0 to 100 in under six seconds and a Top speed of 180 km/h. With the battery capacity of 40 kWh, you come up to 320 kilometers. “Because it pays, that the E-Type is so easy and there were no Extras, which consume electricity,” says Hannig.

To a electric E-Type one of two Ways: Either to bring his own car to England, and Bay for around 70,000 euros in the corresponding drive transplant. Or you can purchase the Jaguar a freshly restored and on E-drive deployed Complete vehicle, which can cost up to 300,000 Euro. At this point, in a hurry Hannig with an appeasement for all of the purists: “of Course, no get be cars worthy to be sacrificed.” But of the total of about 70,000-produced E-Type, extremely a lot of cars, in particular, in the United States over the years, transformed into racing cars and V8 engines from Ford or Chevrolet, or even with automatic transmissions have been equipped. “Such cars would be lost for the collector market anyway,” says Hannig and be happy that you get so once again a new life.

Completely convinced of the electrification, however, is not self-Hannig, apparently. Therefore, Jaguar stores in the customers cars that are brought to the conversion, the original drive. In addition, the tag is designed so that the car takes no permanent damage and back equipped.

We will not forget: The tiny key, the one difficult to put on the clunky castle. In this Detail, a bit of old world in the new E-Type. A start button for the Smartphone App would be a sacrilege.

Vehicle registration certificate

Jaguar Classic

E-Type Zero


Electric motor



Power (E-Motor):
258 HP (190 kW)

Torque (Electric Motor):
450 Nm

From 0 to 100:
6.9 s

Maximum speed:
180 km/h

CO2 emissions:
0 g/km

1.390 kg

4450 / 1660 / 1220

EUR 300,000

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