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The mayor of Paris wants to make the historical centre of the capital to the pedestrian zone. The car traffic will be pushed out of the city centre – only for residents and tourists do not have to run but.

Paris socialist mayor wants to make the historical centre of the French capital to the pedestrian zone. In the four downtown districts, the socialist, Anne Hidalgo, wants to restrict the car traffic dramatically, according to the news Agency AFP learned on Wednesday from the Paris city hall. In the area of the planned pedestrian area, tourist attractions such as the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. Also the newspaper “Le Parisien” reported on the project.

In the future, electric Shuttle buses to transport the people. Already now the mayor of the Cycling network continue to expand. The pedestrian zone is to be implemented in a possible next term Hidalgos from 2020. Your re-election is not considered secure.

Car-free Sundays should be extended

Previously, all the parties should consult on the pedestrian street, in addition, the feasibility has to be checked in studies. The administration wants to introduce the plans in the four city center districts. A part of the pedestrian zone is already finished, so the right Bank of the Seine between the Place de la Concorde and the city hall is three kilometers in length, open all year car-free.

Initially, Hildago want to extend the monthly car-free Sundays in some counties. From the summer of 2019, it is intended to give these every week. In addition, the Metropolitan area of Paris is closed from the middle of next year for older diesel vehicles. Diesel cars registered before 2001 and diesel built before 1997 are not allowed to drive today in the week during the day, anywhere.

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