The court rejected Opel’s application for a temporary injunction against the recall

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Opel is said to have sold cars with illegal defeat devices, almost 100,000 Diesel have been called in by the authorities. An attempt of the automaker to stop the, now failed.

The car manufacturer Opel has suffered in front of the Schleswig-Holstein administrative court in Schleswig defeat. The group had tried with an application for a temporary injunction to prevent the immediate recall of around 95,000 Euro 6 models of the types Zafira, Cascada and Insignia.

The chamber has now rejected at least the application against the immediate implementation. In their view, serious evidence, that the opinion of the KBA was the case, informed the court on Monday. The authority had argued, according to the court, that a voluntary recall was not sufficient, “because the necessary software edit update to improve the nitrogen oxide emissions, for several Thousand vehicles.”

Court: Opel’s reputation is already damaged

This view, the administrative judge joined. The Opel “reputational damage” as a result of the recall was caused by “insufficient technology” already. More important is the “public interest in the preparation of the conformity of vehicles in circulation is now”. It is necessary to improve air quality to protect health and the environment.

Opel brought an action before the administrative court of appeal against the decision. Against the decision of the administrative court may be lodged within two weeks after notification of appeal to the Supreme administrative court.

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    Official recall: For Opel for a penalty, for the Opel-driver of a Nuisance

Opel is accused of, to have a control program used in the figures, the additional nitrogen oxide-cleaning of the exhaust gases at high speeds and in a wide range of external temperatures, down regulates. Opel has defended the technique, because it is necessary for the protection of engine components – the vehicles would comply with the applicable regulations.

With the rejection of the Eilantrags a visit to the workshop is getting closer for many Opel-holder now. What is the impact of such an intervention is controversial and difficult to determine.


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