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Porsche’s new Panamera variant GTS closes the gap between the versions S and Turbo. Perhaps the most important component of the car is a small, inconspicuous switch.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Monday, 12.11.2018
At 06:35

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The first impression: so This is the dark side of the glory. The Panamera GTS is immediately to the dark add-on parts visible. Black Spoiler and dark in the cover glasses of the LED headlights make him a sinister character.

Says the manufacturer: the Porsche spokesman Ben Weinberger calls the GTS a “sports bridge” in the Panamera range. The Gran Turismo Sport not close the gap between the Panamera S (with 440 HP strong V6 engine) and the Turbo model (550-horsepower eight-cylinder engine), but appear stressed dynamically. At the same time, the Swabians for the Panamera GTS to advertise with an Argument that you wouldn’t expect from Porsche: the price. Because even though the GTS costs about 20.000 Euro more than the S model, called Weinberger, the new variant is a “bargain”. Justification: “the more equipment that is installed in the GTS as standard, you can save the bottom line is tidy and gets on top of that, two more cylinders.”



The we noticed: The seats are lower cut and tight upholstered, the atmosphere somewhat gloomy, the ground clearance by an inch reduced, since it is almost surprising how comfortable and classy it is with the big four-door on the motorway slips. Ruts and transverse joints, he ignored the air suspension cushions the occupants in the comfort mode, in the clouds, and the eight-tiered dual clutch transmission keeps the speed curve is so flat that, peace prevails on Board, and you have to wonder why it had to be so uncomfortable seats.

As soon as one turns, however, a small jockey wheel is from the steering Wheel, “Sport” or “Sport+”, the GTS is his second face. He is from gliders to Fighter and goes into attack mode. All the senses sharpened, the suspension tight, the speed is higher, the Sound of angry, and each gear change with a flourish of double-declutching under the malt – so it goes. The Panamera GTS, just to be closer to a Mercedes S-class than a Porsche 911, is suddenly to an ambitious XL-sports car that craves a free track.

Of course, the series leader, Thomas Friemuth can hardly expect to get lost a Panamera on a racetrack. But he also knows that the mere possibility of it nourishes the myth of Porsche. Therefore, the GTS has been tuned on the Nordschleife of the nürburgring and on a formula 1 track for the first test drive is provided.

Take a look in the interior of the Porsche Panamera – with our 360-degree photo:

The luxury proves liner virtues, for the benefit of a well on the road. The car is in view of 5.05 meters in length and two tons in weight, extremely strong acceleration, what is at 460 HP of power and 620 Nm of torque, no wonder. In addition, the GTS, thanks to the V8 engine, which is heavy on the front axle, amazingly easy to steer. The Bug rotates faster than expected, and the tail is due to the mitlenke the rear axle is faster around the corner. This same electric motors, those rolling motions of the encroachment, despite the standard three-chamber air spring suspension nor to the occupants. Even the power of the Panamera GTS brakes a good figure – had brake discs praised the pizza large Ceramic.

The need to know: The Panamera GTS comes as the last model variant, the Panamera model series in early December in the trade. Powered by a V8 Biturbo engine with four-Liter displacement will be offered the car from 138.493 Euro as a four-door model with oblique statements, or for around 3000 Euro extra charge as a Sport Turismo with a station wagon rear. The Sprint from 0 to 100, the two sport sedans in 4.1 seconds, the Top speed is 290 km/h, and on the test bed, Porsche has determined a consumption of 10.3 litres for the normal GTS and 10.6 litres for the Sport Turismo.

With the new model variant some of the other new features in the Panamera range. All engines are now equipped with a particulate filter, and for the first time on the luxury liner, a Head-up Display, which projects all important information directly into your field of vision.

Let us not forget How great the GTS is the balancing act between comfort and Sport. This spreading of the Driving is impressive – and at the same time, disappointment. Not because of the vote, which the engineers have done a great Job, but because of the small switch itself, with the between the driving modes change. Because of this, that he is the true key to the GTS, it feels way too cheap and beside the point.

Vehicle registration certificate


Panamera GTS (2018)


V8 Twin-Turbo Gasoline Direct-Injection Engine

Eight-Speed Dual-Clutch

All-wheel drive

3.996 ccm

460 HP (338 kW)

620 Nm

From 0 to 100:
4,1 s

Maximum speed:
292 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
10.3 litres

CO2 emissions:
235 g/km

500 litres

1.340 Liter

1.995 kg

5053 / 1937 / 1417

138.493 GBP

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