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Environmentalists and ADAC praise diesel cars of the latest Generation, but this message gets lost in the dispute to driving bans and retrofits. For the Survival of the Diesel, the jump comes too late.

When the French car manufacturer Peugeot presented in March of this year, exhaust emissions from the five diesel cars, there was praise from an unusual place. “The measurements show excellent results when nitrogen oxides and the number of fine dust particles”, extolling the environmental organization Transport & Environment, the cars of the emission standard Euro-6d-temp, including a 208cc model and two .308. The French nature conservation Association FNE confirmed the measurements.

From today’s point of view, the Peugeot were the pioneer models, along with some other only the. For three years, after the exhaust gas scandal was known to the wider Public, and new diesel vehicles to the market, in real operation, significantly less NOx emissions than required.

Huge leap for the technology

With the latest technology, the Diesel is clean – no less, the research suggests. Driving bans have to fear the owners of these cars, therefore, hardly. The technology is a huge leap. In the years before the industry was brought almost exclusively diesel-powered vehicles on the market, which exceeded the laboratory limits on the road many times. This has triggered the affair.

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Is this the solution?

“The manufacturers seem to have understood”, says the head of the ADAC technology centre, Reinhard scouring. “The results are excellent. The investigated diesel cars emit nitrogen oxides than comparable gasoline – in the laboratory and on the road.”

The ADAC has already examined 14 Diesel with Euro-6d-temp. “These vehicles emit on average 76% less NOx than Euro 6b Diesel and 85 percent less than Euro-5 Diesel,” according to the traffic club.

Pollutant reduction up to 99 percent

Samples in the case of road measurements have shown that the reduction of the Pollutants if there are good models in comparison to Euro 5 diesel engines even at 95 to 99 percent. The cleanest so far, as measured by Diesel is a BMW X1 sDrive18d with only eight milligrams of nitrogen oxide per Kilometer. The limit is 168 grams.

Under public pressure, the car succeeds in the industry, what they had declared for many years, with reference to the “motor protection” is impossible. Additional and better catalysts, larger Tanks for the exhaust gas cleaning means Ad Blue – come back more Dirt out than allowed. And in real driving conditions on the road, for an application scenario, the manufacturer stopped at the cleaning of exhaust gases for a long time can not be controlled.

Almost 400 Diesel models with Euro-6d-temp of the ADAC lists. Since September 2017, the standard for new types is mandatory, starting in September 2019 for all newly registered vehicles.

Of Comeback-in the mood for Diesel is a little feel

Despite all of this, is felt by a large Comeback mood for the Diesel. In the past twelve months, manufacturers have brought single 40,000 of the promised Euro-6d-temp models to the customers. Apparently, the clean cars were a few actually available. Especially Volkswagen is the new Norm of late. The air in the cities will bring the new Diesel-so far, so hardly anything.

“For the past two years, the industry is a commendation of the new models as a solution to the problem,” says Oliver Krischer, traffic expert of the Greens in the Bundestag. “But the cars are so far only in homeopathic doses on the street.”

Manufacturer abuse of the environmental premium

Instead, miss the manufacturer needed the so-called environmental bonus last year, kicking to get dirty Altdiesel by the court. Riders sit in a brand-new diesel cars standards Euro 6b or 6c, which are often just as dirty as a significantly older car, and in the medium term, also bans are threatened. The manufacturer had promised the bonus to the Federal government, in the diesel summit in the summer of 2017, and granted to them in the Form of high discounts. Buyers should, with your help, really dirty cars for clean trade-in.

Also, for the future is not sure that the new technology makes the Diesel to glorious times to build. “The buyer will have confidence in the short term don’t recover,” says Elmar Kadesh, a car expert at the international consulting firm AlixPartners. Many drivers think Diesel ban is automatically in driving. The legislators have made it clear today that at least the latest Diesel, long remained spared. AlixPartners expects that the Diesel in Europe is stunted by 2030 as a niche product.

“The reputation of the technology is ruined”

“The manufacturers have sent clean Diesel late into the race,” says auto expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the University of Duisburg-Essen. “The reputation of the technology is ruined.” To change that, will cost a lot of money and could take years. For too long, perhaps, than that of the Diesel could help the manufacturers to get the CO2 emissions of their vehicles in the short term.

In fact, the Diesel market share falls in Europe. In the first six months of the year, the diesel share has fallen by 8.4 percentage points to 36.8 percent, as Dudenhöffer. In Germany, he actually plunged by 9.2 points to 32.1 percent.

Except for one Image – the Diesel is also perhaps a cost issue. To 500 up to 1000 Euro car estimates mobile expert Stefan Bratzel of the financial effort for a really clean exhaust gas cleaning is required.

Advantage for electric cars

In the case of small cars, the diesel loses significantly more attractive compared to a gasoline engine. In the case of large sedans and SUVs, the cost problems of the Diesel manufacturers of electric cars in the hands – especially since the batteries are continuously becoming cheaper.

“Technically, the Diesel is to save in any case”, says Peter Mock, managing Director of the environmental organisation International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), has uncovered three years ago, the VW diesel scandal in the United States. “But for me, it is questionable whether it is worth the effort economically.”

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