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Motorists the so-called exchange premium mowing want to get, with the government and corporations of dirty Diesel from the road. A BMW Manager acknowledges that the promotion is unattractive.

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It is a practiced Ritual: The Federal Chancellery invites to the summit on the diesel scandal. On Monday, the mayors of cities were to threaten it, in which driving bans or are already implemented.

But Chancellor Angela Merkel has made it afterwards immediately clear that the key to solving the crisis for the car companies. These have promised, old diesel cars with bad exhaust technology (Euro 5 and less) in payment, and to grant in exchange for special discounts for new and young Used.

“We have talked a lot about the Exchanges,” said the Chancellor, and indicated that the course certainly not satisfied. The government wants to remain “in close contact” with the car manufacturers. With other words: you want to enter the top managers in this matter on the feet.

Feedback from the car companies to Berlin is miserable

The Federal transport Ministry is alarmed: The capped rebate campaign is apparently miserable, like the MIRROR and the research team of the Bavarian broadcasting company (BR). The scope is substantial, because the action is for the Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) is the most important lever to prevent diesel driving bans in many German inner cities.

“We have received from the manufacturers Promises to be a very attractive conversion premiums”, said the Minister is still proud of after a crisis summit at the beginning of October. The more diesel vehicles to the pollutant classes Euro 4 and 5 different walls, the better the air in the cities would immediately – so Scheuer calculated.

But the first Feedback from the car companies in Berlin is bad. Above all, the Volkswagen group, whose manipulations of the diesel exhaust gas purification gave the scandal more than three years ago in the Public, the program runs very slow. Officially, VW will not comment on this. The action is still too young to draw any conclusions as to the success.

Due to WLTP-Chaos hardly any new cars in the range

Behind his Hand, a wolf Burger to be a top Manager but says, it is no good. “The Timing is very bad,” he complains. Before Christmas people buy anyway, no cars, but give her money for gifts. “That’s always a bad time for us.”

In addition, traders currently have hardly any new cars in the offer. The background is the Chaos of the new authorisation procedure WLTP. This has to go through in September of each new, in Germany and the EU sold the car. In particular, VW and its premium Audi brand have had for a few model variants, the admission.

“It is less to do with the exchange premiums, but the fact that we have no new cars available,” confirmed this to be a great VW dealer, who asked to remain anonymous. For Minister Scheuer, however, is of secondary importance, the reasons for which the premiums are offensive flops and the dirty Diesel stay on the road.

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Driving bans and co.:
So Europe’s cities to fight against exhaust gases

The Visit to a VW dealer confirmed the seriousness of the situation. Asked about a diesel-a gate discount promotion, offers, a seller, only a 1.4-litre variant of the family car Passat. He could deliver but only in February.

In the process, Volkswagen is advertising nationwide for the action. “Germany is rising,” reads the advertising slogan. There is an environmental bonus of 5000 euros. Who will now give his old Diesel in favour of the used Volkswagen diesel engines of the Euro 6 emission class in payment, to receive from the group in addition, a “mobility guarantee” for the case that this car will one day be allowed to drive in the city. What follows then, is a 17-line, small-print Appendix with the terms and conditions that apply to this offer.

Discount jumble of insecure customers

Completely confuse you is likely interested in drivers that other manufacturers method when the premium is quite different. No wonder the customers hesitate.

“In the meantime has developed a thicket of actions, the causes for diesel owners uncertainty”, criticized expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Car-Center Automotive Research (CAR) in Duisburg. He noted that Scheuer has not done it, the manufacturers of a unified discount system.


Ferdinand Dudenhöffer (Archive Image)

So BMW and daughter’s Mini to take only their own models in the exchange action. The circle of the discount eligible extends to people in a Radius of 70 kilometers around the exhaust gas polluted cities, places around. In the case of Mercedes and Opel, the border of the city is significant. VW offers the discounts also customers who are close to someone in a polluted city, related to, or in such a commune of your workplace. At least VW takes Diesel of all brands.

In particular, in regions with high nitrogen oxide values, the discount level increases though, dudenhöffer in an analysis. This, however, only to a small extent, confirmed by the Professor, the gloomy assessment in the Ministry of transport.

BMW Manager: loss of value higher than diesel discount

In the case of BMW, it is not surprising that the customers hold back. “The discounts are high, but they are not the same as the loss of value, the customers have suffered due to the diesel crisis”, confirmed a Manager, even off the record, that the discounts are attractive enough.

CAR researchers Dudenhöffer calculates the example of a BMW 530i: Who give a such, three-year-old car in payment, to receive for him, about 22,000 Euro from the dealer. Without a diesel crisis, it would be 31,000 euros, appreciates the discount expert. Thus, an additional value loss of 9000 Euro, the so-called exchange premium of 3380 Euro would be the BMW for such a vehicle grant.

To make matters worse, not everyone has the nearly 50,000 euros for a new BMW 530i available. So much the car currently costs after all discounts are deducted.

More on the subject in the MIRROR+

Ban on driving on the A 40
Eat, wat nu?

“Now, where is the incentive to trade-in a three-year-old cars?”, Dudenhöffer asks. For the owner retrofit his car with a SCR would have expected-a catalyst in the amount of 3000 euros.

In the Chancellery, many are concerned about the failure of the exchange premiums. There it was hoped that motorists get to the dealer young, clean used car, without a plan to pay – and with these cars in ban zones are allowed to roll.

The government fears the wrath of the voters

However, until the government has got around that the dealers have far too little of such second-hand Euro 6 cars in the yard, both gasoline as well as Diesel. Minister Scheuer is currently building with the manufacturers of pressure, so that the program starts up finally.

At BMW, the power of courage. “We can not give any concrete Figures, but the programme for the environmental premium is the behavior expected,” said a company spokesman of the MIRROR. He hopes that reverses the Trend – probably because the bans are getting closer. “In the last two weeks, we see a strong increase of the premiums, and expect a further rise in demand in the coming year.”

The optimism is comforting, the government politicians in Berlin. Many fear the wrath of the voters, who have a Diesel in front of the door and it still only under high losses, get rid of.

Summary: motorists take the diesel-tops-agreed discounts, the manufacturer (the”conversion premium”) so far. These are not worth the effort, apparently, in many cases for drivers. The Federal government is afraid of the wrath of vehicle owners will be allowed to drive in inner cities. Therefore, it increases the pressure on car companies to make discounts more attractive.

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