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The Porsche 911 is in the eighth Generation, and is wider than ever. This will probably appeal to many Fans – a special, free cookies in the transmission, however, less.



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Thursday, 17.01.2019
At 00:32

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The first impression Is of wide, man! The new Porsche 911 comes bulky. Located at the front of the car, that is – compared with the previous growth in the transverse size of 45 mm. Back to put the rear-wheel-drive 44 millimetres, because they assume the larger body of the four-wheel drive models.

Says the manufacturer: wide sells, explains Ulrich Morbitzer, project Manager chassis for the 911. The growth of the pages, however, is due to the fact that the penalty is for the first time on the big wheels: The S-models, front 20 and rear 21-inch tyres. The balance of the car better, he will go with more balanced, Morbitzer. So he comes in spite of the large rear tire well through the curves, he had to be at the front wider. “The 911, the VW beetle, the front of the car by the rear engine concept is very easy,” says Morbitzer. As a result, the car would actually be under control, so less turn-in than the driver commanded. “The 46-millimetre wider track at the front axle helps to prevent that.”

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Porsche 911 Carrera 4S:
Wide Grin

The wider track removes the 992 baptized series, however, more of their ancestors, Morbitzer: “If the Ur-Elfer in addition to the 992, the difference is of course enormous.” Nevertheless, all the features remained the 911 are characterized, in the eighth Generation. The 992 to leave without the electronic helpers to easily sporty driving.

“You can go from tight corners, even out, give full throttle, even in first or second gear,” says Morbitzer. The larger rear wheels to enhance this effect. But they also bring a disadvantage: Both the 911 S and the 4S are 45 kilograms heavier than their predecessors.

“As Riders have a higher weight annoys me, of course. Nevertheless, the 911 is still a light car,” says Morbitzer. 1515 kg, the S model weighs, the all-wheel drive variant 4S 1565 kilograms. Thus, it is not yet been prescribed a diet, the developer of the car, a strict Aluminum. The case is now up on the front and rear panel is completely made of the light metal. The percentage of Steel reduced the Porsche to 33 percent.

The we noticed: Alu works, the weight you realize the car hardly. The 992 follows narrow country roads, as he was stuck in the Rail of a Carrera track. He can be extremely direct by curves conducting, under the control of any track. The driver runs to the corner exit on the Gas, pulling the front axle to the 4S on the Straight, before the cars of the next curve shoots for – to act without brachial.

The 450 HP of the revised six-cylinder will not latch on body, come to that, but in the cross. Despite the tight vote, the car is not treated well at the bottom of the wave, the intervertebral discs of the driver. You jump to the other rabid with the Porsche, the driving behavior is predictable. A little late brakes? A bit too hard around? The 992 is more forgiving – although sometimes noticeable ackernd – a lot of errors and makes the driver feel, how many reserves he has.

Photo gallery

Rebuild Porsche 993 Turbo S:
The last stooge

When wet, the eighth-Generation restricts the driver to safety, however: As technology that alerts the driver to Aquaplaning is in the 992 series. A Sensor in the front wheel well sounds, how much water is on the road and offers the driver the “Wet-Mode”.

The car adjusts throttle response, spoiler position, as well as ABS and traction control on the Asphalt. The mode is manually selectable, and warn against more than Aquaplaning, declared a suspension developer Morbitzer: “of This driving mode is generally in slippery conditions, for example on snow-covered roads that much safer.” Accelerating in the wet, provocative at the curve output, the electronic Co-Pilot solid and prevents Oversteer: The 911 takes the Gas pedal position, and jerks the car back into the lane.

The must know: The designers have all sorts of information on older generations of the car over the 992 distributed: The light band at the rear is reminiscent of the 993, the recess in the front hood of the G-model. Behind the Wheel Elfer seats as the original five round instruments. However, four digital Display flank today, the center-mounted analog tachometer.

Photo gallery

From Aston Martin to Volkswagen:
These cars come in 2019 on the road

The core of the S-model, six-cylinder boxer engine in the rear, now delivers 450 HP and takes between 2300 and 5000 Revolutions per Minute and a hefty 530 Nm of torque to the road. This loader will enable better injectors and a different arranged of turbo. The are no equal parts, but the mirror is arranged the same, and get better air. Which in turn is heated cheaper, because of the charge-air cooler is moved to the air intake below the rear window.

In the gearbox, a novelty that might be upsetting to some diehard lovers of lies. In the newly developed eight-speed dual – clutch transmission is a cookie-free for a hybrid drive, is still. For Ulrich Morbitzer, however, this is not a taboo: “The character of the 911 that would change nothing.” Earlier changes such as the introduction of the water cooling or the transition to turbo engines in all models would not have changed the car dramatically.

We will not forget: The loveless-designed third brake light. The insert actually in the air intake below the rear window. In fact, it acts like a pimple, can no longer ignore, once you have discovered him once. A pity, otherwise the designers have missed the 992 by the continuous light band, and the retractable Spoiler was a successful rear. But perhaps a accessories supplier offers Yes soon to the rescue – in the Form of a dark disk for the brake light.

Vehicle registration certificate


911 Carrera 4 S

Eight-Speed Dual-Clutch

Of 2,981 CC

450 HP (331 kW)

530 Nm

From 0 to 100:
The 3.6 s

Maximum speed:
306 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
9.0 litres

CO2 emissions:
206 g/km

Super Plus

1,565 kg

4519 / 1852 / 1300

127.979 GBP

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