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Big and expensive cars are in Trend for car thieves. Some of the SUV models, the risk is particularly high, such as an Overview of the insurance industry.



Monday, 22.10.2018
12:50 PM

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Car thieves steal more and fewer vehicles insured, but if there is, particularly expensive copies. This is evident from the Figures of the General Association of the German insurance industry (GDV). 2017 17.493 cars were stolen, about four percent less than in 2016. The average damage amounted to, according to the GDV, 18.500 euros, an increase of 13 percent. The total amount of the damage amounted to 324 million Euro, eight percent more than in the previous year.

The actual theft figures are even higher, because only liability and uninsured vehicles on diving in the GDV statistics. The Numbers of insurers for example for Brandenburg from 1531 stolen cars, the Police crime statistics, however, 2513 cases. The thefts are recorded, in which the cars had no insurance.

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Car thefts:
Prefer a SUV

Most cars of the brands VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes were stolen. In relation to the dissemination of the models of the Audi SUV Q7 leads the negative list. Of 1000 insured vehicles were stolen in the past year 15. But, also, Range Rover and Porsche were very popular with the often organised Criminals.

In Berlin, the risk is at its highest

Particularly high is the risk of car theft is in Berlin, 3.6 stolen cars for every 1,000 KASKO insured Car. With a large margin of Hamburg (1,9), Brandenburg (1,4), Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt (0.7). The lowest theft rates achieved in the Saarland, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, each with 0.1 stolen Cars to 1000 cars.

The most expensive cars stole the thieves, however, in Hesse, with an average damage of roughly 25,500 Euro. It is in Hamburg followed with almost 22.700 Euro and North Rhine-Westphalia, with approximately 20,000 euros. If you look only at the cities, was Düsseldorf with around 30.300 Euro against Wuppertal and Cologne. The lowest damage per theft of registered insurers in Karlsruhe and Bielefeld, each with about 11.500 Euro.


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