The Federal Council is pushing for Hardware retrofits

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The States demand from the Federal government, retrofit progress that is being made for older diesel vehicles. The costs should be borne by the manufacturers. First of all, the application threatened to fail.

The Federal Council is pushing for Hardware retrofits for diesel vehicles. He calls on the Federal government to create in a timely manner the requirements for admission to the technically upgraded diesel vehicles meet the emission standards. There is “an urgent need for action”, since many of the diesel vehicles in the Real “is not the exhaust emission standards”, – stated in the application of the Federal States.

The initiative goes back to the Federal States of Hesse, Berlin and Brandenburg. In the metropolises of Frankfurt and Berlin, and in the suburbs of the cities, diesel drivers will be concerned banned from the next year of driving. Hardware retrofits represent the “most effective method of emission reduction,” reads part of the country.

Thus, the pressure on the Federal government, Hardware retrofits to enforce increases. The Federal government had decided at the beginning of October a Maßnahmenpaketzur air pollution and for the prevention of diesel driving is prohibited. This sees, under certain conditions, the Hardware-prior to retrofit. Several car manufacturers refuse to date, at its own cost Hardware retrofits. Instead, they offer Prämienfür customers that let their old car scrapped.

Costs are to be borne by the manufacturers

The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) warned the car maker, their Commitments to the exchange and to retrofit old Diesel vehicles. “We will not tolerate illegal defeat devices, we do not tolerate fraud and manipulation,” he said Friday after a conference of Ministers of transport in Hamburg. His Ministry was to develop the technical requirements for the retrofitting of old diesel cars.

The Federal Council asks the Federal government to ensure that the manufacturer will bear the cost of the pain of armor, calls for the majority of the countries of the chamber. “Clean air is an important factor for the health of the people”. The retrofits could also avoid “in many cities, General driving bans, and an important contribution to the health of the population,” notes the Federal Council. The application was not without controversy. Countries with a car industry and also with FDP participation in länder governments would not support it apparently, since he was an enemy to industry.

People need to be better protected

The Hessian state Minister for Federal Affairs, Lucia Puttrich (CDU), acknowledged that the Federal government have adopted measures for air pollution control. “However, we are of the opinion that the measures are not sufficient.” It is about “the health of our citizens, it comes to the quality of life in cities”, said in the Bundesrat, Berlin’s Senator for urban development Andreas hostage (SPD). Especially children and the elderly would have to be better against fine dust emissions protected.

Because of the Exceedance of the Pollutant limits, driving bans for older Diesel threaten in several German cities. Such bans are already in force sections for individual Hamburger straße.


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