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The number salad in a BMW is rich, because soon there is also a 2-series. This name in the future, the previous 1 series Coupé. Here are the first information and images of the new car, the BMW heralds pendant is a very painful farewell.



Saturday, 26.10.2013
At 07:20

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What is the be to 2, a BMW? Next spring, the new model will compete, and what makes the Munich-based carmaker with the series 3 and 4, repeat a grade lower: From the previous Coupé, the BMW 1 series, the BMW 2 series is in the future. Even before the car is ready for the first test drive, is from Munich, the car will offer “Supreme driving dynamics in the Premium compact segment”. So BMW plays on the fact that both the 1 series and the new 2 series are currently the only compact cars that come with rear-wheel drive. It sounds a bit like whistling in the forest, because of this unique feature will be dropped in future.

Front engine, rear drive – this is also considered to be particularly sporty, well-known decoupling of steering and drive forces used BMW is always uncompromising. While competing models like the Mercedes CLA and the Audi A3 sedan from price and Platform with front-wheel drive are shipped and the especially powerful engine variants four-wheel drive, could you at BMW, yet always driven rear wheels.

And, in the case of the new 2 the is Yes. The start of sales, the Munich – based will offer for the car with three Diesel and two petrol engines whose power range extends from 143 to 326 HP, and the Segment’s unique in-line six-cylinder 235i with a force of M GmbH, the syringe includes.

More Expensive Rise

Even the look of the new 2 series from the “mother series” 1 series. The car is wide and eleven inches longer than the five-door 1-series; and also in comparison to the previous 1 series Coupé, the New sets in all dimensions. The trunk, for example, now summarizes the respectable 390 litres.

The BMW, of course, for free. Around 3000 Euro more the 2 costs compared to a comparable motorized 1 series; the cheapest model will be offered starting in March starting at 29.950 Euro. The technical kinship with the 1-series is closely, but at the same time, components from the higher series the 2 series are available. About an eight-speed automatic, numerous assistance systems from the glare-free high beam up to the online navigation with Touchpad entry, and later all-wheel drive.

Shortly after the 2 series, by the way, the compact BMW-Van called the Active Tourer will come in the Trade. This car is on a completely new platform, which in future is to not only carry the models of the Mini, but according to the current property, the next 1 series and 2 stand – generations of BMW, however, with front-wheel drive, in large numbers, and as is the case with all other manufacturers also.

Before it comes for the fresh 2-series to this conversion to front-wheel drive, stripped the thing with the current rear-wheel-drive once again to the full. Because, in all likelihood, the newly launched fixed-head coupe, will be supplemented next year by a convertible and, later, by a four-door Gran coupe. BMW says the classic drive in the small class so veeery slowly Servus.

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