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The iNext is supposed to be BMW’s first fully Autonomous vehicle and the late reply, the Munich-based manufacturer Tesla. The car is full of power and size, the interior is completely re-thought.



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Sunday, 16.09.2018
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The way to the future of BMW begins with Wait. Before the Bayern pull the cloth from the iNext, Curious to overcome a x-ray control and a Shuttle ride. Because the study for all the future BMW will be so ground-breaking, presenting the strategist with the purely electrically-propelled car with a lot of Pomp on the apron of the Munich airport. In the fuselage of a cargo aircraft.

Also, the customers have to wait in the car. Because of the iNext is a Vision that should only go to 2021 in series.

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BMW iNext:
Very nice lifted

Studies of this kind, presented to the auto industry, the audience for decades. Mostly they disappeared secretly in the drawers. The iNext does not count but this blend works. BMW has pressure. Mercedes and Audi are presenting these days with the EQC and the e-Tron is already a powerful electric cars, with many Autonomous capabilities, coming soon on the market and pioneer Tesla to attack.

What are these Bunny teeth on the grille?

For BMW head of development Klaus Fröhlich, the iNext is more than just a Tesla-fighter. A “Trail Blazer”, paving the way for the future of the brand and the mobility at all.

From the outside it looks like this: Painted in a colour that goes from Pink to copper, and dominated by an illuminated grille that grows to the caricature of a kidney and the rabbit the teeth of the cartoon character Bugs Bunny remembered, the iNext, such as a mixture of the site of X5 and the electric city car i3 car.

From X5, he has the size of more than five meters, the proud stature and the massive 24-inch wheels. The i3 come opposite-hinged doors, the body pillars made of carbon, the unusual side graphics and the unconventional rear.

Electric drive is for BMW hardly the words value

The electric drive is for Cheerful, hardly the words value – by 2021 it will be a matter of course. At the end of the decade, BMW wants to have sold 500,000 vehicles with electric drive. The plans provide a Portfolio that includes a minimum of 25 models with the outlet port, and 13 pure battery cars.

The iNext is the driving force of the direction. In the largest expansion level, it comes with a power charge real more than 600 kilometers away. In less than four seconds, it goes from 0 to 100 – by contrast, current competitors, such as the EQC, or the E-Tron is old.

“For us, electric mobility is already the new Normal. The challenge lies in the connectivity and Autonomous Driving,” says Cheerful and draws the eye, therefore, in the interior, to be the true Revolution of the iNext.

Boutique Hotel on wheels

Because this study is the design for the first fully Autonomous BMW, the spacious cabin is completely new. “How does a vehicle need not be self – but can it?” Damagoj Dukec, head of Design at the innovation unit in charge of BMW i asks. How to spend the occupant, the time to travel?

Dukec’ answer is a comfort zone on wheels, the hot and the living is staged like a Boutique Hotel. In the car there is not a single switch. Who serviced the vehicle by voice or the touch screen, it controls about invisible touch fields.

They appear to be, if necessary, in the veneer surface of the centre console or in the recycled velour fabric of the seat covers. The two monitors on the Cockpit seem almost as antiquated as portrait photos in the silver frames in the living room.

The projector fills the empty book with life

In the rear of the iNext it is again futuristic. There is only a book with blank pages. Once it is opened, discovered the projector in the headliner of the paper as a projection surface, and brings the book to life. “So we connect analog experiences with digital possibilities,” says Dukec.

BMW followed by no means the first manufacturer in the idea of Autonomous luxury skid for the owner of the habitat. For years Mercedes has cast this Vision with the F015 in sheet metal. Even less technologically ambitious brands such as Peugeot have presented such designs.

Volvo is the best place to 360c in Seating arrangements or room layout even more than the BMW when it iNext. While passengers will be able to rotate in a Volvo, the seats, or move, drive in the iNext few in a row. The sheer Driving pleasure remains a feature of BMW, says Fröhlich. Therefore, the steering Wheel does not disappear when Autonomous Driving, but pulls back.

A car that may not everything that it can

Really new is the openness and precision, with the Cheerful about the plans for the car. On the one hand, he underlines that the iNext in three years is quite a come on the road – with this Design, with this performance and with all the wizard, the Drive to be Autonomous, with full Transfer of responsibility from the human to the machine is necessary.

On the other hand, he says that the iNext over many years is more than he can can. Because of that, passengers can already put into effect as of 2021 permanently and everywhere, hands in the lap, the Cheerful faith of the best of intentions.

The iNext is, strictly speaking, much further and has made it to the Premiere-even without any driver around the world, and even electricity used on Board for the premiere stage, converted to cargo plane.

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