The future Ford Mustang hybrid unveiled in a video ?

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The next generation Ford Mustang will be equipped with a hybrid drive. The latter will happen by 2020, initially on the american market.

In a video posted on his Youtube page, Ford unveiled a few images of what appears to be the future Mustang engine hybrid, which is expected in 2020.

In the spring of 2018, Ford announced that the Mustang would have a version with hybrid drive by 2020. This advert is back on the front of the stage today after the manufacturer has published a video on Internet in which one discovers what appears to be this famous Mustang hybrid.

Hosted by actor Bryan Cranston (known for his role in the series Breaking Bad), this video evokes the past of the manufacturer, but also its future. A future which will include the electrification of its range. To illustrate this change of direction, Ford unveils a car bearing the logo of the Mustang blue backlit.

Difficult to know if this is a taste of the future pony-car manufacturer as the vehicle’s style contrasts with that of past generations. But the most interesting part comes next, when the video takes us under the hood to show us what appears to be a V8 engine. All of this suggests that the future Mustang hybrid would still be a V8 as the engine heat.

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