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The new Abarth 124 Spider
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In the Abarth 124 Spider’s. The Motor with sports exhaust delivers the largest Opera house outside of the Arena of Verona.

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          We must not hope to give up. Because it’s nice reward will be given to us again and again: Our continuing Faith in the Good in the car has been placed during a Golden autumn, the new Abarth 124 Spider in our hands. It is a backward-looking journey to the future.

          Wolfgang Peters

          Freelance writer in the business.

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          Because of the very good and brand loyalty defined the Fiat Version (what the Abarth is, in turn, a derivation) of the Mazda MX-5 recalls at the same time to the faded Fiat Spider of 1966, and strengthens the optimists in her pursuit of a modern future counterpart to the always präpotenteren SUV. To better Understand this assessment, our recent Spider-experience: There is a dynamic pleasure, without measure and without grass and without full throttle with 350 HP.

          In this Spider of the modern era, we can already hear in fast sounds, when we drive the Motor with sports exhaust delivers the largest Opera house outside of the Arena of Verona, always with that longing in his votes and with Sobs that can not summon electric car with any artificial Sound ever. The Spider-based controls Yes Mazda, from the MX-5, with a wonderfully hard-to-switching six-speed transmission and the largest Parts of the suspension (with rear-wheel drive) and body.

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          But Fiat is the 1.4-Liter four-cylinder and some minor Details (more abundant use of the aggressive Abarth-emblem) that could save a wonderful Spider-man past in the future. 170 HP and 250 Newton meters of maximum torque in various Fiat, Alfa and Abarth-types usually with less power used 1.4 – Liter engine provides here, and nowhere else, you is more dominant. The is not your maximal strength, which was pushed into the Abarth Cinquecento-variant 695 Biposto with 190 HP even higher.

          In the Abarth Spider, it starts with the acoustic unwillingness of the older cars, the need for awakening a couple of Zündstolperer, and changes the Start-up in the various-acoustic moods of whining and melancholy, to the vicious hum about pretty rumbling, and then to the hall call of the horns: We goose bumps felt (also because of the excellent air conditioning) and is shed nevertheless, the sweat of the Industrious in the case of forced travel.

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          Because with the Abarth orchestra, it is as often with love: Too much of it lays not only on the growing number of older lettuce leaves on the same ears. For long motorway stages, the modern Abarth Spider is, because of violent noise and the absence of a charitable suspension just as his ancestor in the 1970s, we once had in the private fleet. But it is a great pleasure, to the precisely track and fine-reacting Abarth by the German Central mountains to the scarecrows, and the risk of addiction to succumb, to feel always in change of Turn, turn in the butt of the Spider-reactions when releasing the Pedal.

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