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Cars from the pre-war period certain Marion Wenzel’s life since Childhood. After the death of her father, she wants to separate himself now from his collection. This is not so easy.


Pascal Amos Rest

By Matthias Lurkers

Matthias Lurkers

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Tuesday, 10.04.2018
At 05:16

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In a warehouse In Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, you should be: ancient cars from the early days of the mobile time. Real Pre-War Goods. The most recent Piece? Rolled 88 years ago from the Band. There are three Ford T-models. The Roadster from 1911, a Touring, and the tour about 1912. And three A-models. Further, in the Repertoire of four Brush and six crit, a, Maxwell, and Monroe. Names of U.S. and canadian auto manufacturers that are faded and collectors of huge emotions.

Marion Wenzel, 54 years old, is the heir and guardian of the automotive treasure. 17 the result of a life-long Hobbies, which she used with her deceased father. Not always, you look completely blessed, if it appeals to you on the Car. “It was and is a lot of work. You can’t do that by the way. You need the will, the time and the inclination to invest in the Hobby,” she says and plucks a set of keys from the wall. Your energy for the time-consuming pastime is apparently exhausted, you want to part with the historical cars.

Professionally, she worked in the hotel industry, and in 1982 they opened the first Hotel Garni in the 25,000-inhabitant city, which is now to be leased. Something New is on the life plan. What it’s supposed to be, is not yet clear.

To walk to the very well-secured warehouse. Located only a few minutes walk away, in the Background the Ahr ripples.

Wenzel puts the key into the lock. She halts at the steel sliding door, nothing happens. The second attempt, this time with more force. Squeaky the door a few inches move to the left. And with every jerk of the gap and the ambient light is refracted with the dance of dust particles in the air. The view is now free and falls on a hotch-potch of cars, Plan, spare parts, furniture and lifts. To tire tools and Oil cans.

It is, as a wind pant would have played a little Chinese checkers. It smells of Oil, rubber, and past. The honey bear witness to a different era. There are steering wheels and spokes made of dark precious wood, massive fenders or passenger cells, with beige fabric.

With up to 95 kilometres an hour through the nearby vineyards

It almost seems as if Marion Wenzel floats through the hall. She lays her right Hand on a slightly oiled engine, driving with the Left hand gently on the flash end chrome strips. Or one of the nearly 60 cups of various classic car rallies, which she attended together with her father. Two shelves are neatly lined up on the wall.

Even today, she recalls amused “in the eyes of the spectators, when the saw a young woman behind the wheel of a classic car. It was an unforgettable time, in which I was very much on these old cars to learn and try.” To free Sundays, it went up to 95 miles an hour through the nearby vineyards. “To me, all of this has made much joy,” she says.

Pascal Amos Rest

Marion Wenzel with the author in a Brush

The 54-Year-old looks for a car and gets behind the wheel. Under her, the red leather bench crunches. Wenzel has taken in a car of the Brush Motor Car Company court, which existed from 1907 to 1909.

Founder Alanson Partridge Brush was considered as an innovative tinkerer. So the man let the used water-cooled single cylinder engine-counter-clockwise run. So the car is for a right-handed safer. Background: all cars were started by Hand crank. With clockwise-running engines, there were many injuries, mostly with dislocated thumbs and broken forearms, if the hand-crank struck back at the Start. Also the first car that was in 1912, Australia from West to East, and was crossed by: Brush.

Marion Wenzel points on a crit, standing in front of her, and says: “The fascinated people – unfortunately.” The front of the radiator, the car is wearing a Swastika, a cross with four approximately equal-length, angled arms, which is used in several Asian religions as a symbol of good Luck. However, in Germany, people see it, particularly the heraldic sign of the swastika. Therefore, the Emblem of the K-R-I-T Motor Company on the Internet also caused the wildest speculation. One of them: Adolf Hitler, have used a wagon in the First world war, and later the Logo copied as a party emblem. Vehicles of the K-R-I-T Motor Company, which survived after its founding in 1909, only a few years, are very rare today.

Pascal Amos Rest

Logo of K-R-I-T

Not just a garage Fund

Now the heir wants to sell the treasure. But this is not so easy. Because Wenzel is planning the 17 cars – with all of the hundreds of replacement parts, together. This is in the overall package easier. So far, only prospective customers who come in who wanted to buy one or two cars. Your dream buyer is, therefore, a “rich Sheik”. Absolutely solvent – and someone who understands that it is rare. And not just one of the many “garage finds”, the spirits again and again by the press.

The Rhinelander is still on the red leather seat and ponders. At a “auction house in England” as a buyer, you’ve thought of that. However, the “only full cars want to”. Therefore, you think about the few not ready to restore the car piece by piece. “If it works in the same way, I start again with the screws,” she says. Then she stands up slowly from the driver’s seat of the Brush, knocking the dust from the Rock and goes in front of the warehouse – “smoke a cigarette”. Somehow, it seems, she took the trip into their own past a little.

In the Video: a vintage car auction in Nebraska



Note. d. Red.: In the original Text there was a mix-up between the Ford Model T and Model A Ford, which now has been corrected.

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