The Initiative takes a Hardware upgrade for diesel cars, even in the Hand

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The car industry rejects retrofits for dirty diesel vehicles. Also, the Ministry of transport is concerned, Car owners in the lurch. An Initiative now presents a possible solution.


Twintec Baumont

By Jürgen Pander

Thursday, 09.08.2018
At 15:31

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The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) rejects a Hardware retrofit to older diesel cars. Although the vehicles the air charge far more pollutants than allowed. Any damage to Health for millions of people he takes in buying, hundreds of thousands of owners of Diesel Cars in Germany suffered horrendous losses in value of their cars and driving bans.

A new, in Berlin, presented the Initiative wants to prevent this and create what failed policy and industry so far. Namely, a technical retrofit solution, with the previous Diesel-Poo the valid exhaust gas standard Euro-6d meet. At the same time, you want to ensure that the cost of this retrofitting can be recovered in court by the manufacturers.

Under the Motto “What does not create the policy” succeeds in a kind of Alliance of civil society and Parts of the industry. For this purpose, the former head of Department of the Federal Environment Agency, Axel Friedrich, former judge and member of the Landtag Hartmut Bäumer (Alliance 90/The Greens), the automobile club ADAC, the action Alliance for justice in the VW exhaust scandal, and the exhaust technology company, a specialist Twintec Baumont from king winter.

The unusual Alliance has found a variety of different reasons. Axel Friedrich is fighting since years for less pollutants in the air, Hartmut Bäumer does not want to accept the politically had the loss of value of hundreds of thousands of Diesel Cars is easy, he even drives an exhaust gas scandal affected Audi. The ADAC meets, in principle, for a Hardware retrofit of Diesel-a Stinkern. The company Twintec Baumont has, in turn, on the one hand, the necessary technology on offer and would be happy to, of course, about additional orders.

Agreed, all parties Involved are in the fact that three years after becoming aware of the exhaust gas must scandal be finally acted to help the owners of the affected diesel cars and to reduce the pollution caused by these vehicles, effectively.

For the retrofit solution, which consists Essentially of a so-called SCR-catalyst including the urea tank is applied for a part-ABE (General operating permit) to the Federal motor transport authority and is expected to be approved in a few weeks. The technique is based on a supplementary tank in the car, in which a urea solution called AdBlue, which is injected in the gaseous state in the exhaust stream. Under the influence of heat and ammonia, which reacts with the toxic nitrogen oxides and converts the catalyst into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

Only pays the car owner, then sued for reimbursement

“This technology reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by at least 90 percent, in the case of our measurements, there were even more than 95 percent,” says Axel Friedrich. The components used are – to an improved ammioniak generator – since Long available series of the parts, their longevity was comprehensively demonstrated. The design of the Twintec heated AdBlue in a separate component, which leads to a more effective reduction of the pollutants at low temperatures. The placement of the urea tank in most vehicles not a Problem for many Audi models, for example, he fit in the Spare wheel well, the VW Sharan, for example, in the side recess of the cargo area, so Friedrich.

First, the vehicle must advance with the holder of the retrofit. According to the current cost estimate, the engineering costs 1479 euros, plus installation cost (about 300 Euro) and VAT. “A total cost of just under 2000, which is the Euro expected to,” says Friedrich. However, once the retrofitting is done and paid for, shall be required to back the costs on the appeal by the respective vehicle manufacturers.

Lawyer Hartmut Bäumer explains that in the majority of cases to the already pending claims for refund of the purchase price (solely in the case of the consumer protection platform, MyRight, more than 15,000 applicants have registered against VW) costs are converted into suits for the refund of the Retrofit. “Basically, it is a typical remedy, as provided for in the law on damages,” says Bäumer.

Retrofitting would make driving bans obsolete

Whether the legal aftermath of the retrofit, so the recovery of the costs, will actually run as smoothly as planned, is likely, but not sure. Unproblematic, however, the official processing seems to be. The force travel Federal office (KBA) has already signaled his willingness to cooperate, the necessary permits for the installation of the retrofit technology are on the way. And the state of Baden-Württemberg has, in turn, says the course, entry permits for the driving ban zones for those Diesel-to give passenger Cars, which were retrofitted and thus the exhaust emission standard Euro-6d; this is likely to have other States in a similar hand.

The Internet address of the prospects for the Hardware upgrade can register to unlock these days. As soon as more than one thousand vehicles to join in the holder, started the Initiative for good. Axel Friedrich: “We are prepared for it. If all goes as we hope, be converted to the first cars in October.”

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