The meters in Virtual Cockpit coming on to the Seat Arona and Ibiza

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After the Leon and the SUV Ateca, the Ibiza and the Arona now have the digital display ” Digital Cockpit “.

The Seat Arona and Seat Ibiza are available since the summer of 2018 with the digital instrumentation Digital Cockpit. Finished the hands, up to a customizable display.

After the Seat Ateca and Seat Leon in the beginning of the year 2018, it is the turn of Arona and Ibiza to offer the new instrumentation is entirely digital. Known under the name of the Virtual Cockpit at Audi, it is called a Digital Cockpit with Seat. This screen replaces the traditional meter needle. It offers the advantage of being able to customize the display.

For example, you can view the map of the GPS on the entire width, to increase or decrease the size of the meters, reduce the amount of information to drive at night, show the operation of the driving aids, or change the title of the music by connecting your Smartphone. Seat offers three display modes : Classic, Plans, and Dynamic.


What is the cost ?

On the Arona and Ibiza, the Digital Cockpit is based on a screen of 10.25 inches for a definition of 1280 x 480 pixels. Seat has not yet announced when this screen would be available in the range (this is not yet the case at the time of writing this article), nor the price of the option. On the Leon and Ateca, the Digital Cockpit comes standard on the finishes Xcellence and EN, and offered in option to 345 euros on the versions of basic and mid-range.


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