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Mini has to Make on a luxury vintage look. However, because parent company BMW co-organised the Concorso d’eleganza on lake Como, may show the brand, there is a pretty study, only one question remains.



Friday, 23.05.2014
At 20:30

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England meets Italy in this constellation it is in the case of the football world Cup on 15. June in the first round. The automotive world has experienced already this weekend a English-Italian climax: The study Mini Superleggera Vision presented at the Concorso d’eleganza Villa d’este on lake Como. It is the first Time that the British car brand collaborates with an Italian design company, and if you look at the results, one wishes it would have happened much earlier.

Because the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera in Milan, the resulting Roadster-the study shows that the now quite fat become British small car a elegant sports car streamline. “This car was waived on all non-essential features or elements of decor, because the performance is achieved through weight loss and efficiency of the bodywork and the interior,” says Louis de Fabribeckers, head of design at Touring Superleggera.

As a Mini-recognizable sleek, no-frills car, the LED tail lights that are shaped like a split Union Jack, and, of course, to the front, where the round headlights and the grille are the typical for the brand. This could have been the radiator grille also omit, because he is completely closed – the car has an electric drive. Ask Mini to technology and electricity storage were unfortunately turned down. The car was a design study and Vision, it was only the Details of the technical concept, “we would like to leave open.”

It is probably also irrelevant, because in this Form the two-seater whose body consists of large, Hand-shaped Aluminium panels and the iridescent metallic Blue-hue “Como Blue” is painted, certainly one of a kind. “Why are there such cars only once?” is therefore once again the big question. And you will once again remain unanswered. Probably it has to do with the fact that cars like the Mini Superleggera appear so desirable and gorgeous because they are virtually unattainable.


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