The new Mercedes announced for 2019

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Here is the schedule of all the new Mercedes for the years 2018 and 2019.

The year 2019 will be rich in news for Mercedes. In fact, the German company reveals details on the new models and developments that will make their appearance on the market in the next year.

The planning of new developments seems to be well filled out at Mercedes ! Already, the firm at the star has not been stingy with new models for the World of Paris, including the EQC, GLE and Class B, it would seem that the year 2019 will also be enough provided in this area. A schedule taken from a press release on the commercial results of the brand, we can have a pretty good idea of what awaits us.


New CLA and GLC restyled

While the new RULE and Class B will make their commercial debut in the early part of the year, the minivan Class V will apparently be a deep update. However, the main event of this first half of 2019 will be the arrival of the second generation of the small sedan-coupe CLA. Indeed, although the new A-Class sedan, makes its entry on our market, it would seem that there is still room for the atypical CLA below the c-Class.

During this time, the SUV GLC will be restyled after four years of career, to get back to level in the face of the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 latest. This is also the segment of the SUVS will get the most out of new products during the year 2019 since most of the GLC restyled and the EQC electric, the GLS released in 2012 will also be renewed. Without doubt that the BMW X7 does not take too much stretch out on the market for large SUV luxurious.

The Mercedes CLA will be renewed during the first half of 2019. Just like the big SUV GLS, a little later in the year.

Finally, in the category of SUV, Mercedes announces the arrival of an ” eighth compact model “, which should be, without doubt, the new GLB. The latter will offer five or seven seats and will have a style much more the adventurer than GLA and GLC. At the end of the year, the new CLA will be available in a variant shooting brake, as is the case in the current model, while the utility Sprinter will benefit from an electric model.

There will also be the novelty of the side of the Smart, since the Fortwo and Forfour will be restylées at the end of the year. It is true that both models will already be in their fifth year of career and will have well deserved a little update.


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