The New Peugeot 508 (2018). The delivery time and the discounts

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Eight months after its launch, the new Peugeot 508 sees the end of the tunnel, since it will arrive in dealerships in mid-October.

Available for order since the month of may, the new Peugeot 508 will arrive in dealerships in mid-October. Due to the postponement of the production, first deliveries will be made in the middle of the month of November.

Eight months after his revelation, the moment of truth ringing out to the sedan-coupé with five-door Peugeot. On the occasion of the launch during the open doors 13 and 14 October, the manufacturer will determine if the craze for the 508 is converted into firm orders.

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Delayed Production

According to our information, the production of the 508 has been postponed from early September to early October. Reason : the ramp-up of the factory in Mulhouse is slower than expected because of the requirements in terms of quality set by the manufacturer. Therefore, the 508 first owners of the series First Edition will not take delivery of their vehicle at the end of October while it was initially planned for the end of July. Dealers will be able to offer a mobility solution for one month for customers who are no longer motorized. For all other versions, the time of delivery to the time of writing is set at the week 46, i.e. from November 12 to 17.

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Small dividends

Peugeot has put in place several types of offers to fill its order book. Among them, a reprise Argus + 3 000 € or an introductory offer from 339, – €/month with the pack maintenance offered. For any order, the customer is offered the pack Drive Assist Plus* a value of € 450 or the Pack City 3** (on the 508 GT) with a value of € 600. As to the remission granted by the network, it does not exceed 4%.

* including cruise control with Stop&Go function and aid in maintaining the position in the track

** including assistance active parking, front and rear cameras with 360° views, and parking aid-front, rear and side.

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