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The whole world seems to hate Obikes. But how does it feel to be a discarded bike on the road? Lena from Meyer has a Tour made.


Lena From Meyer

By Lena From Meyer

Lena From Meyer

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    Tuesday, 27.11.2018
    04:47 PM

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    My Obike squeaks. Each Time the pedal turns the crank. It sounds like a puppy that was left in front of the supermarket alone. Pathetic. I seem to be just as pathetic as I am sitting there sweating and kicking on the bike: anyone Who comes up to me, looking concerned. Who runs in front of me, turns around, irritated.

    My yellow-and-grey Bicycle causes a stir in the worst sense. With Thousands of copies of the rental bike providers Obike from Singapore at the beginning of 2017 had flooded the big cities in 24 countries. The wheels could be rented with an App and at any point in the city again turned off. About the GPS, the bikes in the city places.

    The market appeared to be promising. Other Asian suppliers such as Mobike, and Ofo a rose and competed with established lenders such as the rental bikes of the Deutsche Bahn or the Hamburg “StadtRad”. However, in the summer of 2018, the company filed for insolvency proceedings.

    The Ramschrad is actually undriveable?

    Since then, the former bicycles have become in some cities is a Problem. In Munich, many copies of scrap were ripe in the bushes and are now being disposed of. How cynical – wants to put the Sharing Economy, but actually a Statement against the throwaway society. In Hamburg, thousands of unused models were sold for about 70 euros.

    The Motivation of the buyer is different: While the can make a is not an expensive bike, want others to know, simply, whether the Ramschrad from the far East is actually undrivable, as it is called. And also, I’m curious – and give a discarded Obike a Chance.

    Because the wheel is so incredibly loud, and I save me on my Tour through Hamburg at least the ringing. In fact, I thought at first that the Obike has no bell. Until I wanted to switch and when Turning the plastic ring on the Arm flinched. No circuit, therefore, a further noise.

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    On the road with the bike all the hate

    The solid frame, solid rubber tyres and the inexplicable resistance when pedalling, the bike is so stiff that it’s self-downhill speed loses. I’ll maneuver it through the corners, and curbs. The reputation has preceded my Obike – in test reports, technical articles, the daily press.

    Once in Hamburg-Barsb├╝ttel 10.000 Obikes out of a storage unit were loose, the Hamburg authority for health and consumer protection, a warning. In the case of two verifiers of the band brakes were failed. The Kiel Ministry of consumer protection has ordered a recall and advised of the use.

    To drive still, With a Obike through the city, is not prohibited by the Hamburg health authority, in principle.

    Obike Fans in the old working-class district of Wilhelmsburg

    Always, when the sun falls castle on the solar cells to the Frame, you will hear a annoying Beep. The theory of another Obikers, it could be a kind of anti-theft: anyone Who steals one of the wheels is worn down by the noise and does it again.

    I ride from Hamburg city centre to the harbour and through the Old Elbe tunnel. Hard as a Board, the wheel thumps sleepers on the road. On the other hand, I’m not the only one that drives Obike. In the old working-class district of Wilhelmsburg, craftsmen and students roll on the wheels through the streets. A little far-fetched, but also happy.

    “The Obike is an artifact of the time history”

    One of the riders, Marco Antonio Reyes Loredo. “The Obike is an artifact of the time-a fact of history,” says cultural anthropologist. “The symbol of the Southeast Asian turbo-capitalism, with the help of rolling across the street.” He is so excited that he will soon establish the first Obike-Club in Germany.

    Every day he rides his yellow bike, which has brought him a friend from the warehouse sale, through this quarter. A few hundred meters are like a Queen stage, he says. Nevertheless, he does not want to miss out on two Trad. “When I get then on my other bike, it feels insanely good and easy.”

    The brakes are felt, the only thing that works

    Furthermore, he had been raised never so often as on a Obike sitting. “I have no children and no dog to come in contact with other people. There’s also this wheel.”

    We will go over the dike. Marco Antonio Reyes Loredo on his Obike and I on my. To second-I think that’s all somehow okay. Maybe I’m to exhausted to put up any resistance.

    As it goes steeply downhill, I have to grin. The brakes on my bike, the reason why there is not more to drive on German roads, are the only thing that seems to work. . The crank squeaks, however, always loud, always heavy.

    I place my bike in Wilhelmsburg, at a busy intersection, not far from my apartment. I don’t lock it. After a night a spider has chained the Arm to the pole of the lantern. After a week, the solid rubber tires stand up to the rim in the Leaves. If the Obike is in the spring still there, I’ll replace maybe the crank, and with him to the first Meeting of the Obike-club in Wilhelmsburg travel. That’s how it is.

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