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A boy to Cuddle with: automotive history is full of wrong designs, the enthusiastic and then disappeared. SPIEGEL ONLINE shows the most daring visions. This time: the completely effeminate Honda Puyo.



By J├╝rgen Pander

Thursday, 03.01.2019
At 09:35

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The Name of Puyo sounds like a relieved Sigh – is exactly why the Honda-responsible for the cute city car study selected by him, which was presented in 2007 at the auto show in Tokyo. The word to describe the “onomatopoeic response to the touch of the car”, as it was then. To understand this, one must know that the body was covered beneath the glass dome of a silicone gel-filled layer. You pushed with the Finger, gave the car as a piece of foam rubber, and took then back to the original shape. Puyo.

Honda described the concept car as a “clean, safe, and fun”, and this is not the first to speak. Visually, the car looks like a giant pill-on-wheels, and very small wheels. This, in turn, are all tractable and make it possible, for example, the Puyo can turn on the spot. A reverse gear is, therefore, unnecessary.

Gel pad on the body

The rounded, gelgepufferte and almost seamless bodywork to allow the car to love on the one hand, and trusting appear, on the other hand, minor knocks and bumps with other traffic participants, for all parties Involved harmless out. In order for the car tot is not to be overlooked in the dense city traffic as easily, is the lower half of the body self-luminous. In addition, the glimmer of light can change the color and the environment, for example, whether the car is moving or stopped.

Two pair of scissors to open the doors of access to the car that has four seats, a flat floor and a fully glazed dome. This makes the interior appear even larger than he already is, and it facilitates non-verbal communication with all the outside of the car.

Minimalist interiors, a Joystick instead of steering Wheel

For the inmates, in turn, the Puyo is an oasis of gentleness. This is due to the soft fabric covered, compliant surfaces as well as to the minimalist equipment. The few controls are distinguished from the instrument panel when the car is ready and in place of a dominant steering wheel, there is a nondescript Joystick to control the car.

On the drive technology, too much is not known, only that the car is moved by an electric motor that is operated with energy from a fuel cell. A hydrogen tank is also on Board – the Rest is a cuddly kind of mobility, except for a little water vapor no traces behind.

Photo gallery

Beautiful Thing: Honda Puyo:
Softie with a fuel cell

A city car concept for the future? Or just a spleenige Gimmick of some ambitious Designer? Maybe the Honda Puyo is primarily a Third: namely, an Experiment, to day-to-day purpose, mobility of the future, not to the totally impersonal service. But to show instead that even very small and very pragmatic cars can arouse emotions and empathy and, perhaps, also should Wake up. Because road transport is, and will remain, even if he is in the future, controlled by Algorithms, is a social event.

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