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The two-seat 9S is the Moneymaker.
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The small company Crosslé is a Hidden Champion. It builds on 60 years of successful race car in the middle of Northern Ireland.

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          In the case of race cars, most would think of Porsche, Mercedes-Benz or Ferrari. The Anglophile Fans more like McLaren, Williams and Lotus. But Crosslé? No one knows. And that has probably to do with Holywood. So with Film, show, stars, Glamour? No, this is Hollywood in Los Angeles. Here it goes to Holywood, a small town of Belfast, close to and part of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland. Exactly as Crosslé builds since 1957 to the present day racecars.

          Northern Ireland is not known as a Mecca for racing enthusiasts, and that’s why the problem is also with awareness of the Crosslé something. The cars have an outstanding reputation in the industry. They are considered to be of top-quality workmanship, easy to maintain and easy to drive, but are always competitive in their class.

          At the company’s headquarters, it looks in many Places as well-more than half a century. Similar to the traditional English manufacturer Morgan Crosslé has resided since the year 1960, in a classical British brick building, and just as there is placed on traditional craftsmanship. Also Crosslé prefer Tried and tested carefully developed. Automation robots would fit in this nostalgic atmosphere about as a punk band, the birthday of the Queen. Some of the metal processing machines look like in a Museum, but it will function properly. In the spare parts warehouse, a lot is Packed into cardboard boxes, often with hand-written inscriptions. Here everything is more peaceful. Presumably, therefore, the two roving whiskers feel companies kitten in the middle of the production building.

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          Founded the company 52 years ago by Farmer John Crosslé. He devoted himself next to its agriculture in the Racing enthusiastic, first on motorcycles. Then he rises on four wheels. A first, eye-covered second-hand racing car, Lotus boss Colin Chapman to him, but to expensive. So he begins to build in a Stall a vehicle. His first self-designed car wins his first race. Also, the later copies on a Ford base to drive success. You go in the UK popular and according to their engine capacity, referred to 1172 formula at the Start. Each victory increases the demand. The young chief in his then-tiny racing car-manufactory pays attention to innovative Design and precise execution of his Racer. To do this, you apply than your money’s worth. The company flight Reputation earned in racing circles. In 1960, the current company is based based in Holywood, and later expanded. In the 1960s, the Northern Irish have been offering the car for the European formula Junior, as well as several American racing series. Even a two-seater racing cars in the Portfolio.

          In 1969, the company presented its first car for the formula Ford. Crosslé racing cars in the subsequent period, a number of victories, both in Europe and Overseas. These successes and the increasing prevalence of formula-Ford-series lead to a huge boom. At the end of the 1970s, to be annually built up to 100 race cars, four-fifths of which is for Export. Legendary later the formula 1 greats such as Nigel Mansell and Eddie Irvine to win the race in the car from Holywood. In 1997, company founder John Crosslé is retiring and handing over the leadership to Arnie Black. As a long-time customer and driver already for many racing successes responsible.

          Tradition car faster and more robust racing

          Black is the former 9S-series resurgence. These vehicles, with their curved body line count is probably the car of the most beautiful racing. The 9S had already been in the middle of the 1960s developed and entered at that time against models from Lotus, Lola, Chevron, Abarth. The Version at the beginning of the new Millennium, although it benches on the same plant, as then produced, however, modified in such a way that a modern two-liter engines can be built in by Ford. Until today, produced the 9S continues the Tradition of fast and robust racing car from the North of Ireland.

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