The Renault Espace F1 return ?

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This is what it might look like a cross between a Renault Espace 5 and the single-seater Formula 1 Renault RS 18. Look fabulous, non ?

More than 20 years after the Espace F1, Renault would have it in its cardboard version of the Space 5 inspired by the discipline ? This is what suggests this visual, but nothing is less sure.

At the motor Show in Paris in 1994, Renault caused a sensation with his Space F1. It was the appearance of the second generation of the minivan, but he was hiding the architecture and the engine V10 820 hp of the Williams FW15C.

Renault Espace F1 (1994) Renault Espace F1 (1994)

Renault will he re-create the surprise to the World of Self-2018 ? This is what one is entitled to expect to be discovering this Space 5 in the colors of the single-seater RS18, who is currently participating in the world championship of Formula 1. Wing way wing of shark, huge roof spoiler, puller, pneumatic tyres, Pirelli, without forgetting the sponsors : the Space is transfigured and could logically take the designation F1.

Renault RS18

If Renault goes until the end, the V6 1.6 turbo as well as the electric motor should be placed in a central position for a total capacity of over 950 hp ! The performance would be sidérantes for a Space. Unfortunately, there is little chance that this design becomes a reality.

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