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The Citroën Berlingo is as spacious and flexible as only a few other Cars. As a box car, he is no less fashionable, with many of the points better than a SUV. Him simple solutions range.



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Tom Grünweg

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Monday, 06.08.2018
At 04:21

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The first impression: Square, practical, good.

The the manufacturer: Citroën says
celebrates the Berlingo as a master of the possibilities, with high variability, a large amount of space and clever features ideal for families and recreational athletes. The concept of the customer: Since 1996 the first two Berlingo-generations were sold more than 1.7 million copies, which makes the founder of the segment to one of the most successful representatives of this car type, such as Citroën reported. To ensure that this remains so, the new model is more modular, with fresh Design and plenty of modern technology.



The we noticed: With the Berlingo delivers Citroën a successful counter-proposal to the ubiquitous SUV. Because of the high roof station wagon can be nothing worse, but much better than this trend-mobile and is also cheaper.

The advantages begin with the variability. Where SUV can offer, at best, a sliding rear bench, is it in the Berlingo are three or five individual seats, which can not be moved in some versions only, but with the handle extended. From 2019, a function should be offered the seats from the trunk from the fold down. Because it’s not about Driving with the family just about to stow large Luggage, there’s also plenty of space for the little things: More than two dozen shelves are to be found in the Berlingo, which together provide 186 litres of storage space. Some subjects – for example, in the floor – are really well hidden.

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Autograph Citroën Berlingo:
Perfect Travel Companion

Also the access to the car is better than most SUV’s. The slightly higher Seating position is comparable. It is easy to Get in, because the passengers do not have to bend down. In the Berlingo the entry is particularly easy, because the Fund’s passengers to reach almost upright by the sliding doors in the interior.

Take a look in the interior of the Citroen Berlingo – with our 360-degree photo:

Parking In tight spaces a Rear window, separately opening helps. So can stay in space, the large Luggage compartment lid closed.

Although the Berlingo will be no SUV, flirting, he at least with the Genre. The new edition received a bulligeres Design with a higher front end and robust plastic planks in the Citroën-typical Airbump Look. The eye-catching add-on parts are sold by the manufacturer as bump protection. Also, technically, the box car for the adventure is getting ready to fight. So there is a different road textures-programmed traction control for more Grip when Starting, as well as an electronic downhill driving aid. Only all-wheel drive is not offered for the car.

The Berlingo is in his heart, a commercial vehicle, and originally intended for Commerce, crafts and trades developed, only to the size of the interior.

Otherwise, the Berlingo feels like an ordinary Car. This is also due to the comparatively posh ambience, with a lush, albeit mostly optional equipment with more than a dozen assistance systems (there is also a Head-up Display). But the driving feel is more a family car than a commercial vehicle. The 130-HP Diesel in the test car looks very cultivated. It is quiet, the suspension is relatively comfortable, and thanks to the light steering, it has the big car in the car Park. The performance, in spite of the massive building, by the way, is not worse than in an SUV in this League.

The need to know: The Berlingo is available from September for the German traders. Citroën offers the Passenger Version in two different lengths. It costs a minimum of 19.090 Euro in the 4.40 meters long Version of “M” and is offered for 1650 Euro extra charge as a “XL”. Then he measures 35 inches and the trunk volume increases from 775 to 1050 litres with full Seating.

Behind the high Bug Citroën offers a 110-horsepower three-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.2 liters for the base model, as well as two four-cylinder Diesel with 1.5 Liter displacement. The basic version has 102 HP, the stronger, as in the test car 130 HP. This engine is a rarity in the Segment – also in combination with an eight-speed automatic available.

The Berlingo comes not alone, but technically it is a related offshoot of other group brands. The company provides the family friend at Peugeot as Partner-successor Rifter and the new subsidiary Opel as a Combo.

We will not forget: The mood on Board, when the glow of sunset through the frosted glass constructed storage in the roof, the sky shimmers. Then, at the latest, the last realizes that it needs to be a comfortable car for only a couple of clever ideas and no frills.

Vehicle registration certificate


Berlingo (2018)

High roof Kombi

Four-Cylinder Turbodiesel Direct Injection Engine

Six-Speed Manual Transmission


1.499 ccm

130 HP (96 kW)

300 Nm

From 0 to 100:
11,5 s

Maximum speed:
185 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
4.4 liters

CO2 emissions:
115 g/km

775 liters

1,581 stemming kg

4403 / 1921 / 1844

26.390 GBP

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