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How long will Diesel-small-car? At Toyota, probably not for long. Superfluous it is now, because with the Yaris Hybrid, the brand has a car in the offer, can do everything better.


Matthias Kriegel

By Jürgen Pander

Monday, 13.02.2017
At 09:13

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Normally, the auto industry: New technology or the fine details to be first offered in expensive upper class models, and later, also in the cheaper series; experts call this the “Trickle-down” effect (trickle is called in English “leakage”). With the hybrid drive, it should be actually Vice versa, so that this fuel-saving technology can establish itself there, where it is useful: in small cars, which are predominantly or only in the city traffic moves. At least Toyota is trying just that, because with the Yaris, the Japanese brand has currently the only small-with a hybrid drive in offer.

The five-door model with just under four metres in length will be offered with two petrol engines, a diesel engine and hybrid drive. The latter is made for the car (even though he was derived in part from the Prius), because the Yaris is a classic mobile for short distances and city traffic, so the driving profile, in which a Parallel Hybrid, its advantages can play out. And therefore, because of this driving back and forth constantly, and slowed down is accelerated. And when Coasting or braking, the battery is charged, when the subsequent Speed then just electrical energy recovered can be re-used. You can imagine that A regular inhalation and Exhalation, the electrical Part of the drive does this in the rhythm of the Urban-Stakkatos.

It uses the Yaris small car typically, can save make the hybrid drive, why it was invented: Fuel, exhaust gases avoided, and for reasonable propulsion power is provided by – mainly because of the torque of the electric motor.


Matthias Kriegel

That’s the theory. In practice, it feels not quite so perfect. What is not but, for example, of inadequate technology, but, at least initially due to a lack of experience. You have to make with a hybrid car once known and make friends – Mr Mikhail stallion mountain has described in a recent drive report of the Toyota Prius as an example. For the Yaris, the Same applies.

Actually, a normal small car

The acceleration feeling is a bit tough, and the noise from the engine compartment are unusual. When Starting you can hear that (gorgeous), the greater the throttle is opened, however, it is loud, but the expected acceleration is missing. With time, however, to understand the adequate way of dealing with the Twin engines from the gasoline and electric Motor and developed automatically the urge to drive as far and as much as possible electrically. Because it is so wonderfully quiet and the acceleration is therefore all the more sudden.

But to be able to electrically drive that needs to be filled in the battery. And because the Yaris is no external connection for Charging the battery, this is done exclusively through Recuperation, i.e. the conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy during coasting or by just not required torque of the internal combustion engine is diverted into the Generator to produce electricity. You get nothing with – unless you get the graphical representation of these operations via the “energy monitor” on the Central screen. To do this, Yaris-Hybrid-Driving to a satisfying job.

On the hunt for eight green bars

Because the aim is, for example, through the timely Roll out of the car at a red light or a Stop sign, to generate as much electricity as possible. It’s a lucky feeling, when all eight green bars, the battery lights charging indicator. And the joy continues when it is accelerated in the port virtually silent until the engine electronics starts the gasoline engine. The costs of electrical energy and two or three green bars in the battery indicator goes off, but the next set of traffic lights.

So changes, while with the Yaris Hybrid on the road, and their driving behavior. It slips, so to speak, into this different type of movement, such as in a glove – and it feels good. What you have to say about this: The electrical doses that you get as a Yaris driver administered, are low. The battery has a storage capacity of 0.94 kWh, the energy would probably be enough for around two kilometres to the journey.

However, one should not expect, because of the joke of the actuator is not so much the electric Drive (that too), but rather, recovering excess kinetic energy, which would evaporate in useless friction heat of the brake discs. But you helps save fuel and the exhaust gas can be avoided.

The hybrid version makes the Diesel unnecessary

From the drive except the Yaris is an average-small: neatly furnished, with comfortable moulded Seats, Soft-Touch plastic surfaces, the pass appearance of Abel, and pleasant to the touch and a pleasantly reduced and at the same time, nicely arranged control unit on the dashboard. From the recommend values – the second level of equipment “Comfort”, along with leather steering wheel and Central locking is also an infotainment system including a reversing camera in the car installed. Its 6.1-inch Touchscreen serves as the Central interface for climate and music controls, Navigation, telephony. Against extra charge the device by means of a Mirror Link for the App usage and Online access expands.

The standard fuel consumption of the cars Toyota is 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers. This is, as always, much too optimistic. We were in the Winter – almost always with heater, light, fan, and windshield wipers – on-the-go, and there were a good 5 Liter. But the Yaris Hybrid is expected to operation of the diesel model (the standard consumption of 3.8 liters) in Real terms pretty close. By the way, the two types are not the same on the outside, but also the maximum torque and the weight are almost the same. Even when the price of the two drive versions are not much: to choose the better-equipped “Comfort”variant, the hybrid model is only 160 euros more expensive than the Diesel.

This is manageable, if you drive a car that practically no nitrogen oxides and soot particles emitted. Also most of the customers are the apparently so. In the past year, selling Toyota in Germany 17.834 Yaris models, including 8673 cars with a hybrid drive (as many as never before) and 338 specimens with a diesel engine. As you can hear, is no longer offered, the latter variant from next year.

Vehicle registration certificate


Yaris Hybrid Comfort

Small car

Four-Cylinder Gasoline Engine

Planetary gear


1,497 CC

100 PS (74 kW)

Power (E-Motor):
60 HP (45 kW)

111 Nm

Torque (Electric Motor):
169 Nm

From 0 to 100:
11,8 s

Maximum speed:
165 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
3.3 liters

CO2 emissions:
75 g/km

286 litres

1.085 kg

3950 / 1695 / 1510

18.400 EUR

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