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The Mitsubishi Outlander – which are actually three cars in one. Due to the unconventional Hybrid drive. Now the manufacturer has corrected.



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Tom Grünweg

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Thursday, 18.10.2018
At 04:33

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The first impression: Even if there are still a few days left until Christmas take – with the new cooler mask sparkles the Front of this Mitsubishi Outlander as a Christmas tree.

Says the manufacturer: While half of Europe about the future viability of the diesel engine argues, puts Mitsubishi on Hybrid technology. Since the market introduction of the Outlanders “have we sold in Europe alone 100,000 copies and us at the forefront of change,” says Mitsubishi spokesman Christian Andersen. Elsewhere, the SUV is similar to good. In the past year, the car was worldwide the most successful of this type. As one of the few SUV is the Outlander with a diesel drive, but with a petrol engine and as a Plug-in Hybrid.



The we noticed: The Mitsubishi Outlander is the Softie under the SUV. This applies to be smooth, calm Design in the same way as for smooth, unobtrusive ride. For the idiosyncratic programming of the Hybrid drive, the Outlander, in principle, to three cars in one. provides first and foremost Who is in the city on the go, and behavior to move to, which moves the two E-motors on the front and rear axle purely electric and quiet; up to 135 km/h are in there.

Who asks for a little more performance, changes in the serial-Hybrid operation. Then the burner switches on, drives but instead of the wheels, only the Generator re-poled electric Motor and produces the power for longer trips. It is only when the right Pedal is almost depressed, switches the on-Board electronics in the Parallel Hybrid mode, in which the burner directs torque directly to the front wheels and the E-support machines.

Photo gallery

Photo gallery:
Convincing otherwise

Necessary, the Latter is of the view that the engineers only rarely. You evidently assume that the Outlander drives most of the time in pure electric and therefore have even a limp mode programmed: To protect the catalytic Converter and fuel injection system is the latest operating after 89 days in the pure battery automatically for a few moments, the gasoline engine started.

To soften the recuperation, offering Mitsubishi fits. If the E-Motor is the LOB of the accelerator pedal to the Generator and thus the car slows down, he does so very gently. At this point, the Japanese have exaggerated a little. Because even if you change with the paddles on the steering Wheel in the highest recuperation stage, the braking effect of the electric vehicles so popular One-Pedal-feeling of use is small, and you have to however, the conventional brake.

Take a look in the interior of the Mitsubishi Outlander with our 360 degree photo:

Regardless of the drive of the Outlander scores with plenty of space on all seats, a stately trunk, at least in the tested top modification, very elegant atmosphere and abundant amenities. For a really modern Cockpit, it is not enough in spite of the large touchscreen in the center console. Digital instruments like the electric drive would fit there, anyway.

The need to know: The revised Version of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is coming in September in the trade and cost at least 37.800 Euro. This gives the SUV with of 2 to 2.4 liters of displacement enlarged petrol engine that develops 135 HP and 211 Nm of torque. It is combined with a 82-horsepower Generator at the front and a 95-HP electric Motor in the rear. There is also a buffer battery with a capacity of 13.8 kWh, provides power for 54 kilometres and from the domestic socket in four hours is loaded. Purely electrically, the Outlander can travel up to 135 km/h. all motors Working together-are at full throttle to 170 km/h.

Let us not forget The many outlets, the Mitsubishi in the car distributed. And not just for USB devices, but in front of the back seat and in the trunk there is also a 220-Volt connection. The Outlander is good for not only fuel savers, but also to the electricity dispenser. With a charged battery and a full Tank of fuel, the Outlander could provide enough energy to power a average household ten days with electricity.

Vehicle registration certificate


Outlander PHEV


Four-Cylinder Petrol Engine + 2 Electric Motors


All-wheel drive

2.360 CC

135 HP (99 kW)

Power (E-Motor):
82 HP (60 kW)

211 Nm

From 0 to 100:
10.5 s

Maximum speed:
170 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
1.8 Liter

CO2 emissions:
40 g/km

463 litres

1.602 a litre

1.880 kg

4695 / 1800 / 1710

37.990 GBP

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