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Small site big in fashion. Want now also benefit the US-Jeep brand, and sends the new model Renegade into the race. Never a Jeep is smaller, playful and – rolled in Italy from the Band was.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Monday, 29.09.2014
10:48 PM

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The first impression: the Jeep is now also toys. The new model Renegade certainly looks as if it had designed the U.S. car maker for Playmobil. But somehow it fits. Because with a 4.24 Meter length of the car is the smallest model that has built the brand and is likely to at least happen to the regular customers in the USA, in fact, like a toy.

Says the manufacturer: “so Far, driving in this class, but just jacked-up small car, fashionable Crossover and SUVs around,” says Jeep brand chief Chris Ellis. Presumably he means competitor models like the Ford Eco-Sport or the Opel Mokka. “Our car is a real off-road”, brags Ellis, “we’ve been doing for more than 70 years, after all, nothing else.”

The we noticed: on closer Inspection, it quickly becomes clear that the Renegade does not just wants to play. Especially if you are sitting in the “Trailhawk” and a pretty demanding off-road course or digging, you realize that the car takes its role as an Offroader seriously. The all-wheel drive with variable power distribution, and the half-dozen all-terrain driving modes – selectable from mud to rocky substrate, not the developers finally in vain.

On the one hand, this gives the Renegade the necessary credibility and supports the values of the brand. On the other hand, Jeep’s chief Ellis knows that the small Kraxler, there must be the most adventure in the big cities or the vast Expanses of the suburbs. And there are other criteria as Watt depth or angle of approach. If he does not roll gorges through Rock, but houses, shines in the small Jeep with a good Overview. It offers plenty of space, swallows similar to a lot of Luggage, such as a VW Golf and flirting even with the modern Lifestyle-car world. Because its builders have given to the car – not only for Jeep ratios-very high quality – looking plastics, the same as brilliant digital display between the speedometer and tachometer as well as an Online navigation device. In addition, there are also still plenty of color in the interiors: Colorful inserts in the seat cushions and dazzling Zierkonsolen a similar ambience as in the case of Mini and co.

The need to know: The Renegade comes from the middle of October in the trade and provides the drive, with a similar selection as in the case of the accessories. Starting with the base model for 19.900 Euro, with a 1.6-Liter gasoline engine and a rather meager 110 HP and front-wheel drive, and ends at the model of the “Trailhawk” with a 170-horsepower diesel engine and the more elaborate of the two four-wheel drive versions for the price of 31.900€. In between, there are two more petrol engines with 140 and 170 HP and two diesel engines with 120 and 140 HP. Because the Renegade is not only small, but with a curb weight of around 1.4 tons of is also relatively easy, because the Renegade is also a gas station somewhat mannered Depending on the motorization of the standard fuel consumption is between 4.6 and 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers – thanks to Start-stop-automatic in all models and an optional nine-speed automatic.

The new model is also intended to serve as a model example of the new, TRANS-Atlantic family policy of the Fiat group. Although brand chief Chris Ellis is not tired to praise the car as an authentic Jeep, whose Design and technical benchmarks from the United States. However, is not to deny that the Renegade is based on the same platform as the Fiat 500L. And he also will be built not in the USA, but as the first Jeep for the world market in Europe from the Band, and in the Fiat plant in Melfi, near Naples. From there, the Renegade will be shipped in the future, in more than a hundred countries.

We will not forget: The attention to Detail, with the help of the Jeep-Designer approach. Everywhere you look, you find, for example, the cross-shaped signature of the official reserve canister of the U.S. Army, was found on the very first Jeep from 1941. And alone a half-dozen times, have hidden the Designer in the interior of the stylized Jeep grille. There are sayings ums ignition switch or stylized maps in the rubber flooring of some of the shelves. In Renegade, there are so many Gimmicks that you will feel like a real Explorer.

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