The strong woman and the sea

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With your boat Angélique Colfort ventured alone out to sea for fishing.
Image: Gudrun Mangold

On the Côte d’azur, with its dangerous submerged rocks a fisherman works with the simplest means like since the age. You familiar with a Pointu, the earlier a typical Mediterranean wood bark.

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          “Against twelve in the morning in one of the Bars,” she said, “but it depends on the weather!” In the fifth port pub is to be found the next day in fact. Angélique Colfort, burnt brown, just came in and still full of energy. You have thirst, she says, sits down and orders a soft drink, served to her by the landlady in the – apparently-as always – extra-large glass. A few strong gulps, and she begins to tell me of your boat, the Mistral, by the networks. A woman without fear, the night mother soul alone with an old wooden boat in the open sea travels, and only in the morning comes back.

          Angélique Colfort is a fisherwoman. That would be rare enough. In this profession, there are virtually no women. But even the men who go before with its underwater rocks are very dangerous Côte d’Azur fish, their boats, usually at least two people. Angélique Colfort, however, is not alone. Because they want it that way. Your ship is a Pointu, the traditional southern French Fischerkahn, of which there are becoming less and less. Compared to modern boats in, he has a shell like an antique Nut.

          Before engines became available, had the fishermen on the Riviera, such a simple Latins-sailing equipped boats. With little Wind, had to be rowed. To build a Pointu is usually made of the wood of the pine trees that grow here. Its stable hull is symmetrical, and both the bow and rear are tapered to the tips – hence the Name. The bottom of the hull is flat, so that one could pull the boat easily in the beach. As most of the modern ports along the French Mediterranean coast, with its numerous wharfs and Quays are of a later date.

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          Angélique Pointu is called “Finistère” and a half meters, with its length of nearly seven and a average size. The smallest boats of this type start at four meters, the larger measuring up to nine meters. Almost tenderly, the fisherman speaks of “l’âme du pointu” from the soul of the Pointu, and she nods sharply to the head – but, of course, a ship has a soul!

          Depending on the Season, the trained woman in the morning between three and four o’clock, even on Saturdays and Sundays – every day, unless there is a storm and the swell is not too high. Often, it is still night, if you start your 55-HP Cummins engine and from the port of Cavalaire-sur-Mer chugs. Your goal: the networks, the anxious the day before, and buoys fixed. To find them, there is a strong spotlight on Board.

          At the beginning, at least, it was a bit eerie, alone at night to go out, but in the meantime, you have to get used to it. In dangerous situations, she was advised several times already. Once you drive in the strong Wind on the rocks, “I had a fear that I’m going to throw my boat against the cliffs”. She fought with all her strength. Fortunately, she was able to call in the morning to five by phone of friends to help. The Finistère has been safely moved to the country, Angélique Colfort came up with a fright.

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