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The demand for old bikes and spare parts rises, so also the prices. The hard-power enthusiasts and Hobby mechanics life. A visit to the workshop in Hamburg.


Lisa My

By Margret Hucko

Sunday 03.04.2016
At 13:46

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Old bikes Ulrich Gumz encountered with the care of a physician. He scans, listens to your movements and at the end even diagnoses: “This is my new Patient,” says Ulrich Gumz and shows on the Golden road bike from the eighties, admitted in his Garage. In the spokes of the spinning still hanging weaving. However, until the natural Patina of the Koga looks Miyata for the uninitiated, ready to drive. What the Patient suffers? “All the bearings need to be inspected; new tires are due,” says the 55-Year-old in the blue man. “Then Polish and oils, washing,.”

Gumz is part of a larger group of Bicycle enthusiasts from Hamburg, who have made it their mission to preserve historic wheels – and true to the original. Some of you are familiar with the Altona Bicycle Club of 1869/80, according to own data the oldest Bicycle Club in the world. Many week in a year you meet with Gumz for the joint Restoration. But their love of the classic cars on two wheels is being put to a severe test. Similar to the car prices for old bikes will rise, particularly for spare parts.

“For a Campagnolo-circuit, the provider on call on Ebay now 80 to 100 euros,” says Michael Jahnke, who also belongs to the Gumz-repair group. “In the past year, the circuit cost even the half of it.” He drives a Golden Alan road bike. For this, he traveled at night to Kassel, after he had discovered it on Ebay cheap. 23 at the wheel was being then.

Youth, dreams for Ü30er

There are certain names that materialize the bike scene is electric and the prices absurd heights drive. The Dutch manufacturer Koga, built in 1976, for a period of time with the renowned Japanese Frame Builder, Miyata under the consequence right name of Koga-Miyata bicycles, is certainly one of them. The same applies for the wheels and frame of the former Belgian Cycling athlete, Eddy Merckx. In the case of the Circuits of the Name of the Italian family business Campagnolo drives the prices.

Lisa My

Ulrich Gumz assessed an impeller

However, the price rally is not limited to long only on the frame, and Circuits. Also, certain small parts, such as ringing, front lamps and fenders to create it again and again in price regions, for the other people all the wheels buy. A rare front lamp from thirty years on Ebay? Seen for 650 Euro. Major events such as the Eroica in Tuscany travel Bicycle fans not only because of the historical Cycling race, but long, because of the extensive part of the market.

“The bike is totally in the Trend,” says Jahnke. “On every sixth page in the Ikea catalogue is parked a bike in the apartment. It has become the element of style”. But it is precisely this Mode the wrenches life. “The audience is growing, but the number of wheels is limited,” says Jahnke. Small supply, large demand, that drives prices.

It is mainly men 30+, now with a good Job at the Hand of their unfulfilled youth dreams come true. For one of the last in Japan hand-crafted Shimano groups like the XTR M900 Shifting then more than 600 euros on the table, such as the original price from back then.

On “Trophy Hunting”

How is the scene in the gold rush, the collection Embacher, the Bicycle collection of the eponymous Viennese architects. In the past year, the historic Bikes from 100 years of Bicycle were auctioned to the history in the venerable auction house Dorotheum. Although none of the parts were there, on the table, but the price trend for components and whole bikes running almost parallel. So a folding bike by Sir Alex Moulton, the “One Off Moulton brought it” up to 30,000 euros, the model “Laser” of the Italian Bicycle manufacturer Cinelli went for 16,250 euros.

“Crazy”, find the men to Ulrich Gumz. And you suffer for it. Earlier the screws, stand in the center, the actual work on the wheel. The procurement of spare parts delivery, although even then mainly over the Internet, but took only a little more time-consuming than going to the Store to buy a new part.

Today, historical parts of the spark on the major sales platforms, bidding battles, which often have the appearance of a “trophy hunting”, as Jahnke says. Although the restorers from Hamburg of the new competition bike not avid urbanites with a penchant for two-wheeled status symbol threatened. However, the time required for the procurement of parts further increases due to this development steadily.

The gift of diamond Bicycle turned out to be a real gem

Still, you are in the network to find, but they must do significantly more tricky. The Hobby mechanic consciously seek deals with Vertippern and false search terms in the item description. Blurry photos from horror fashion-Bicycle fans and call exactly why Gumz and his crew on the Plan. Also prospect of success pictures of all the boxes with knick-knacks. You will be examined by the wrenches in more detail, whether in the colorful, all Sorts of not a hub, bell or a chain sheet is hidden, that alone is worth more than the bid. Offerings with additions such as “in the attic”, “cult” or “Vintage” make you more of a bow – these keywords usually indicate the profit-driven seller.

Sometimes you need to just luck. As Nico Thomas. He received his bright blue diamond bike from the pre-war time as a gift. He actually wanted to buy only a Bicycle dealer who had to close for reasons of age, his Shop, some old spare parts. Then an old Bicycle out of the cellar offered to him.

Lisa My

Restored bike of the brand diamond

Thomas thought he was holding a sub-carrier in the Hand. An old steel Ross, from which one could perhaps exploit the one or the other screw. But among the many layers of paint a real diamond was hidden a hit from the bike factory in Chemnitz, Germany. Although the stem was over use of the Arm and also the chainring had to be replaced. However, diamond frowned upon as long as the GDR-brand – celebrates with connoisseurs currently a Revival. Early on, the manufacturer has built innovative bicycles won the world road Championships.

Thomas sent his free wheel “once on the big tour of the port”, as he calls for the complete restoration. After the overhaul, the estimated market value is a good 1000 euros.

On the arduous way to the Pedal-jewel of the Hobby screwdrivers-called “Holy Grail” of Gumz, a special tool bag of the cult brand Campagnolo came. Gumz has it from his time as a Bicycle dealer and somehow this tool box stands as a Symbol for what is happening on the Bicycle market. Gumz acquired the tool as something to use and use it until today. But the old box has long been a sought-after part of and has changed to a small treasure: a connoisseur for the “Cassetta grande Utensili” referred to case of up to 3000 Euro is the price when new was in the eighties, at about the 4000 Mark.

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