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In Berlin, drivers must adjust to the older diesel vehicles on road closures, starting in 2019. First of all, it goes to single track sections, but that could just be the beginning.

What comes to motorists in Berlin?

The court has obliged the state of Berlin, diesel driving bans for at least eleven sections of road to be impose in the downtown area. There are allowed to drive, according to a judgement by the end of June 2019 are no Diesel passenger Cars and Diesel Trucks that meet the Euro emission standards 1 to 5. In addition, the Land for a further 117 road sections with a total length of 15 kilometers, check whether the bans are necessary, the limit value for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) must be complied with. This is 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air. According to the German Federal environment Agency, the average was in Berlin last year, at 49 micro-grams.

Can be averted bans?

The presiding judge Ulrich Marticke said, neither of the currently applicable clean air plan and the previous plans of the Senate foresee adequate measures to the applicable limit value to be complied with. The Senate can still appeal the decision and so at least time will win. As the new Berlin’s clean air plan, the to 31. March 2019 needs to be done, specifically, will look to discuss the Senate. The court has about cars for Taxis, commercial and other vehicles exceptions to be allowed into the country have the appropriate “leeway”.

How many people would be affected by a driving ban?

Millions of diesel drivers because of the driving ban applies, of course, not only for Berliners, but for all the visitors and commuters to the city. According to the data of the force travel Federal office (KBA) at the beginning of 2018, alone in Berlin, more than 200,000 Diesel passenger Car approved that fell under the Euro-1 to Euro – 5 standard. This corresponds to approximately every sixth car. Add to that larger vehicles such as Trucks and buses. First of all, the environment help to enforce the driving ban for Diesel exhaust emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 5 in the entire city – which has failed. Some of these cars are only three to four years old. Also driving bans for Euro 6 vehicles could include the Senate in the driving bans.

What routes could be blocked in Berlin?

The court has established eleven sections of road. But there could be more – depending on how necessary the appears to be from the point of view of the Senate administration. Are affected by the Leipziger Straße, the Reinhardt road, bridge street, Frederick street, the Kapweg, Alt Moabit, the current street and Leonora street.

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Why people have to make a fuss about diesel engines?

This is because of the bad air in many cities. The limit value for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is often exceeded.The substance can disturb the lung function or lead to heart disease. The values have to get down and car exhaust gases are a major factor.

There is no other way to improve the air?

Since taking office the government have brought in “systematic measures to improve the air on the way,” wrote Senator Günther in the “daily mirror”. Buses with new exhaust filters and, by 2030, electric drive. Cycling paths will be expanded for Millions. Cars are allowed on some main roads test only the Tempo of the 30 driving – in the hope that you brake less often, and start-up, and thus emit fewer pollutants. The court was not enough.

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Emission standard Euro 6d-temp:
The favorite cars of the Germans – not all of it is available as a clean Diesel

What is the Federal government doing to prevent bans?

The Federal government has already brought a billion-dollar program for better air quality in cities on the way – to make the public transport more attractive, or to renew buses. A new package for certain cities and regions that are affected by particularly poor air comes in: It provides an incentive to purchase the manufacturer, from old to newer and cleaner Diesel fuels. In addition, there should be Hardware retrofits, so modifications to the engine. The manufacturer does not drag but because you want to take on all the costs.

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Driving prohibitions:
In these German cities Diesel are undesirable

Drivers count in Berlin at all?

The new program of the Federal government aimed at so far, 15 cities, where the air is the worst. Berlin could now come to that, because the court has now arranged indirectly driving bans. Whether the Covenant is recorded capital in this circle, left open the government on Tuesday.

Brought the car companies to the car owners, the Trouble, because you have cheated in the exhaust-gas values?

The Federal government has repeatedly emphasized, the exhaust gas scandal had banned the diesel driving really is nothing to do. Because it is to a large part not engineered vehicles, but to order according to approved Vehicle types. Therefore, the government sees no legal basis for Hardware retrofits. The producers had to say for millions of cars “voluntary” software updates.

Manipulation around in the case of VW in the exhaust gas shut-off facilities and the debate about bans but nevertheless – it is all about political pressure on the manufacturer to build. In the car industry is a lie in the discussion of pollutant reductions and been cheated, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) recently at the German Parliament of the young Union. Many in the industry had made “very guilty, and trust”.

Berlin is the first city, the driving ban gets imposed. How have courts decided in other cities?

The Federal administrative court in Leipzig had declared in February that driving bans are, in principle, permissible, but they must be proportionate. As a consequence, two street in Hamburg are already sections for older Diesel locked. In Stuttgart in 2019, is a large-scale entry ban for diesel vehicles, the Euro 4 exhaust gas standard and poor planned. Recently, a court ordered driving prohibitions for the downtown commuter metropolis of Frankfurt am Main from 2019. The environmental help is expecting in the coming months, in addition to Berlin for Bonn, Darmstadt, Cologne, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Essen, Mainz and Wiesbaden with similar court decisions.

How to control a driving ban?

The questions are many. In Hamburg, the police power controls – that is, it stops vehicles and checks the papers. Motorists will have to pay in the case of a violation of 20 Euro, Truck drivers 75 Euro. But this is all very time-consuming. The Berlin state government is calling for a blue plaque – these could be nationwide rules, who is allowed to go. So there is something with the green sticker for the environmental zone. The Federal government, the blue plaque rejects so far.

These prohibitions apply forever?

The goal is, with driving bans to improve air as soon as possible – so limits. This is the case and act as road blocks, you can be lifted.


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