The Volkswagen e-Crafter arrives

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More than 11 m3 and 136 hp for the Volkswagen e-Crafter.

The Crafter electric is the first utility zero-emission Volkswagen. In the program : real autonomy of 100 km, power 136 hp, more than 11 m3 of volume in the hold and a rich equipment.

Commercially, the e-Crafter, the first electric utility Volkswagen, among track as early as September. Developed parallel to the development of the range diesel, launched last year, this pioneer of the brand Volkswagen commercial vehicles has joined the niche of the 3.5-ton electric segment, to the industrial scale of the eu, has taken off this year, with the Renault Master and Renault Z. E. next year, the Mercedes eSprinter, the great competitor, especially on the German market, will be a part of.

The reality : 70 to 100 km per day

Volkswagen indicates a maximum range of up to 173 km (regulation NEDC), with top speed limited to 90 km/h from the factory, but ad soon as the results of its investigations of the mobility covering 210 000 driving profiles with over 1,500 clients. These results reveal that most drivers travel between 70 and 100 km per day. From there, the development of the e-Crafter, says the manufacturer, has been approached with a self-realistic in your head, and not the maximum range.

The tests in operating conditions carried out by 25 companies (Germany, netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain) with 38 vehicles have led to the validation of a self-average and actual of 100 km. “This approach has enabled us to offer a tariff at the level of the competition, thanks to a battery format that is more compact, accurate the brand in a press release. The e-Crafter is sold in the entry level 69 500 € net in Germany. “For the moment, no price announced in France.

Dimensions of the cargo hold unchanged

The e-Crafter is a large van, with, as a cabin which can be raised (H3, the first height of the range), of a motor of 100 kW (136 hp) and 290 Nm, mated to a box at a speed designed specifically for utilities. This is of course a ” pull “, a story of not having a propeller shaft passing under the loading area. This is where the lithium-ion batteries that can be found. All the baggage is as well exploited. It has a volume of 10.7 m3 and, according to the variant, a payload from 0.975 to 1.72 t.

The battery capacity of 35.8 kWh to recharge to 80 % in just 45 minutes on a charging station to dc. It takes a little over 5 hours to charge fully on a domestic terminal.

Cameras series

With the box and the differential, the engine type EEM85 form a compact module, which is produced in the components plant in Kassel, Germany. This module as well as other components (computer, power electronics, transmission control,…) then join the main website of Volkswagen commercial vehicles in Hanover, to be mounted in the eCrafter, which, to him, is assembled as the diesel model in Poland to Wrzesnia.

The whole panoply of systems of driver assistance and safety equipment and infodiverstissement, known as diesel, are provided in the catalog of the electric. Note series parking assistance, cameras (front and back), the wizard anti-wind side, automatic air conditioning, driver’s seat with heating and modern facilities of connectivity.

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