The Volkswagen T-Cross in the face of its five competitors

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The orders of the Volkswagen T-Cross will be open in February 2019 for scheduled deliveries in April.

The Volkswagen T-Cross will be released in April 2019. The Citroën C3 Aircross, Renault Captur and other Peugeot 2008 will make him no presents. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this new entrant to make its place in the hotly contested category of SUV urban ?

While some manufacturers like Nissan and Renault are preparing the second generation of their small SUV, Volkswagen has taken its time to design its T-Cross. Moreover, it is a habit of the German manufacturer for this type of vehicle.

Tiguan, T-Roc, and now T-Cross, the family is growing so much that it is confusing ! The last-born is the smallest of the range SUV with a length 4,11 m (or 12 cm less than the T-Roc). Length compact that does not prevent it to offer a beautiful space on board. Four adults will travel in good conditions and the safety is not sacrificed, far from it. In addition, the seat sliding (about 15 cm) makes it possible to adjust the interior according to their needs.

Volkswagen T-Cross

The T-Cross takes advantage of its freshness to offer a technological content of the most modern, already at the safe level with the automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, the wizard of retention in the channel, the detection of the dead angle and the wizard to exit the parking lot. The series limited First Edition adds adaptive lights, automatic route or the rearview camera.

Volkswagen T-Cross Volkswagen T-Cross

The chapter of comfort, it can be equipped, depending on the version of the slab (digital Active Info Display) Display of 10.25 inches, the multimedia system with touch screen 8-inch with navigation and apps, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto. The light of heart will be warmed with heated front seats and music lovers should be delighted by the audio system, the Beats of 300 W (the First Edition).

Under the hood, the supply mechanic is not large but ample enough. Three gasoline (95, 115 and 150 hp) and one diesel (95 hp) will be offered.

To read. Onboard the Volkswagen T-Cross

Benefits : habitability, modularity, equipment

Cons : seat farm, line wise, price (?)

L x w x h : 4,11 x 1.75 x 1,55 mr. box 385 – 455 1 281 l.

Engines. Essence : 95, 115 and 150* ch. Diesel : 95 hp

Price T-Cross. From 19 200 €, First Edition 26 300 €

(*) Available by the end of 2019

Due to its length and ambition, in France, the T-Roc will address the tenors of the category. Here are the five serious competitors that we have selected.


Citroën C3 Aircross Citroen C3 Aircross

The design of a car is totally subjective, but you must admit that the Citroën C3 Aircross has its own personality. Unlike its main competitors, it plays out in the registry of the sweetness with its lines rounded. Under its air of SUV, it hides the development of the minivan C3 Picasso. In terms of modularity and interior space, this is the top : seat-sliding, passenger seat fold-down flat-floor configuration two-seater. The icing on the cake, the atmosphere can be colored and the technology is complete (head-up display, sunroof, etc.). It also offers a very good suspension comfort without being boring to drive.

Citroën C3 Aircross Citroen C3 Aircross

Pros : design, comfort, customization

Cons : visibility of three quarters before

L x w x h : 4.15 x 1,76 x 1,64 mr. Safe : 410-520 1 289 l

Engines. Gasoline : 82, 110 and 130 hp. Diesel : 100 and 120 hp

Price C3 Aircross. From 16 € 250 in gasoline and 19 300 € for diesel


Hyundai Kona Hyundai Kona

Love it or hate it, but the lines of the Hyundai Kona does not leave indifferent. Apart from its specific look, the Kona features advantages as a standard equipment is very rich, a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years and a gasoline engine of 120 hp that is convincing. The ability is very correct and the trunk volume is average. He admits, however, also some weaknesses at the level of comfort, and overlooks some of the practical aspects such as the seat sliding. Damage.

Hyundai Kona Hyundai Kona

Advantages : 4×4 drivetrain, agility

Cons : weight, finish, design cleaving

L x w x h : 4,17 x 1.80 x 1.57 to mr. Trunk : 361 1 143 l

Engines. Fuel : 120 and 177 hp. Diesel : 115 hp

Price Kona. From 19 500 € in petrol and 23 500 € in diesel


Peugeot 2008 Peugeot 2008

Marketed since 2013, the Peugeot 2008 is not the competitor with the most recent. Because of this, it does not offer the latest equipment at the mode as the adaptive or digital meters. But it still has beautiful remains. First of all, it offers the best compromise between comfort and dynamism. Its mechanical, including engines PureTech 110 and 130 hp are to be put to his credit. Finally, his pace is always in the shot, and it perfectly supports the comparison in terms of space on board and boot volume.

Peugeot 2008 Peugeot 2008

Benefits : behavior, comfort, roominess

Cons : price, technological equipment

L x w x h : 4,16 x 1.74 x 1,55 mr. Safe : 350 1 194 l

Engines. Gasoline : 82, 110 and 130 hp. Diesel : 75, 100 and 120 hp

Price 2008. 18 850 € in petrol and 21 600 € in a diesel


Renault Captur Renault Captur

As the Peugeot 2008, the Renault Captur is released in 2013. It therefore does not have the latest equipment to the mode, in particular at the level of the driving aids. In return, its rates – especially in the entry level – are more competitive. On the road, the comfort of the Captur is very valuable, but to ensure good performance, it should not hesitate to climb to power. Inside, the finishing is not his first quality, but it offers enough comfort to its passengers, and took the opportunity of a seat sliding.

Renault Captur Renault Captur

Advantages : price, comfort, look

Cons : sensation to the steering wheel, equipment techno

L x w x h : 4.12 x 1,78 x 1,57 mr. Safe : 377-455 1 235 l

Gasoline : 90, 120 hp and 150 hp. Diesel : 90 and 110 hp

Price Captur. From 17 500 € in petrol and 21 900 € in a diesel


Seat Arona Seat Arona

The small Seat Arona is to be taken seriously. For a start, it has the same technical platform as the T-Cross with the key to a beautiful interior space. Space for legs and headroom in the rear seats, are to be put to his credit even if we may regret the absence of seat sliding. Fortunately, the trunk is well sized and easy to access. The interior atmosphere may seem a little sad, but the modern amenities are present as standard or option, as the handset of digital instrumentation. Finally, the Arona displays a dynamic behavior without sacrificing the comfort.

Seat Arona Seat Arona

Benefits : personalization, roominess, reasonable price

Cons : inside sad, the sounds of air on the highway

L x w x h : 4,14 x 1.78 x 1,55 mr. Safe : 400 l, nc

Engines. Essence : 95, 115 and 150 hp. Diesel : 95 and 115 hp

Price Arona. From 16 700 € in petrol and 19 £ 100 in diesel

And the other… Kia Stonic Suzuki Vitara

The category of small SUV is very rich, the Volkswagen T-Cross will also have to rub it to other models such as the Kia Stonic, whose comfort farm may be distasteful but which brand of the big points thanks to its 7-year warranty. If the Suzuki Vitara doesn’t come immediately to mind, however, it has for him rates soft, but it will have to settle for a level of driving pleasure withdrawal. Also note that other models will soon be on the market like the Nissan Juke (2019), or even the Skoda Vision X (spring 2019).


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