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Saturday, 24.03.2018
11:54 PM

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Fixies, with their rigid rear hubs are considered to be impractical fashion wheels for Hipster. Completely wrong, Ralf Neukirch. In the spring there is nothing Better to get back in shape.

The end of winter is for me a difficult time. On the one hand, it is nice when it is warmer and you can look forward to longer trips with the bike. On the other hand, I note each year, that is said with the longer trips, and easier said than done. The Training is lagging behind, you know.

Before I get my road bike out of the basement, I make my Fixie fit. Fixie is short for “fixed gear” bikes with no gears with a so-called rigid-hub instead of a freewheel. That is, when the wheels turn, turning the pedals. There is no relaxed cruising on the Fixie. Either you or you.

Its origin has race the Fixie in the case of rail, where a derailleur, freewheel and brakes only mean unnecessary weight. Railway wheels are on the absolutely Necessary reduced machine. New York bike these wheels have made a couriers in the city popular. For years we have met in the German cities, more and more Fixies.

There are no disturbing noises

A Fixie for the city is really suitable less. For example, because the pedals at the traffic lights are never the way you need it to Start up. The Fixie is the most fun if you use it for extended trips. The sounds not very clear, finally, racing and touring bikes have not been in vain 20 or more courses. But I can only recommend everyone to try it once with a Fixie.

It is a deeply liberating feeling to put on a wheel that is really only the bare Essentials attached. Fixies are easy to. You don’t need to worry about whether the chain is in the front on the right sheet, or the back on the right sprocket. Man it just goes on and on and drives off.

Riding the Fixie is contemplative. There are no disturbing noises. The chain can not RUB against the front derailleur, conventional wheels between the front gears back and forth. Because there is no front derailleur. The Same goes for the whirring of the freewheel. The connection of rider and bike is the Fixie direct and intense than on a normal bike. Fixiefahren is Cycling in its purest Form.

Breaks it on the Fixie

If that is too esoteric, a number of practical advantages may be mentioned: The Ride on the Fixie is more strenuous than on a wheel with a freewheel, because there are no periods of rest. 70 km to 70 km, without interruption. Therefore, the training effect is much higher than on a road bike.

The Fixie training to the Occurs, because you have to look for the ideal cadence, and over a longer period of time. You get used to automatically a more efficient driving style. If I ride a Fixie, I notice how often I slide on the road just then.

The objection I hear most often is: With a gear you can drive but only in Flat. I would cross it with the Fixie, no Alpine passes, that is true. But hill is a lot of fun. You have to address them strategically. Driving too fast in a rise, you have no Chance to get a change into a lower gear again a good rhythm. You leave it to slow, is it difficult to find a pleasant kick to reach frequency. To ride with fixed gear for mountain enthusiasts a good workout.

Almost from wheel thrown

At one point the critics have to exit right: With a Fixie, is less funny. The faster it is, the faster you have to. Eventually, the Whole thing is so kippelig that the brakes are applied.

You have to get used to riding with a rigid hub. The changing of a wheel with a freewheel to Fixie is for me to be unusual. I would have been kicked already several times almost from the wheel, because I got obstacles from the saddle to Standing up about it. This is not a good idea when the pedals rotate.

You should use for the Fixie necessarily pedals, in which you can click with the shoes. Or, if you love it classical, pedal hooks, which secure the foot. Otherwise it may happen that the Shoe slips from the Pedal, and this one at the next Turn with full force in the calf is a crash.

But these are trifles. Fixiefahren is one of the most beautiful kinds, on the wheel move. After a long Winter in the Form, there is nothing Better. As expensive Circuits are missing, the wheels are relatively inexpensive. If you are not sure if a Fixie is Right, you can buy a so-called flip-flop hub. On one side of the axis of a freewheel, on the other, a rigid gear. You have to turn the rear wheel just, and you’ve got a conventional Bicycle without gears.

I have such a hub, but my free wheel is completely rusted. I have used him never. Riding the Fixie is just too much fun.

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