“Then let’s go to the car dealer, woman Slomka”

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In an Interview to diesel driving ZDF presenter Slomka Minister of transport, Scheuer took banned firmly in the pliers. Bayer responded with a surprising offer.

“Then let’s go to the car dealer, woman Slomka, and see what options there are.” So or so similar to a sales conversation between a car salesman and customer could begin. In fact, it was Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), in an attempt to convince news presenter Marietta Slomka in the “heute-journal” from the recent diesel compromise between the government and the car industry.

Slomka had not criticised that the compromise will help many drivers of old, dirty diesel cars really. For the on Thursday agreed to 3000 Euro discount of the industry, you could buy a new car. Such drivers are instructed, in many cities, but, because courts impose increasingly driving bans. Then, Scheuers offer followed, to search with the presenter at the car dealer for a nice new car. But Slomka does not let up.

The money can be useful to riders little, wanted to leave your car with new exhaust technology retrofit and the money as a grant for this, wanted to take advantage of. Because solutions for a hardware retrofit to come only in 2019, or even 2020 on the market. The first bans but since this year in Hamburg. In the coming year, further driving should be introduced prohibitions in Cologne and Bonn, possibly in Stuttgart, Berlin and other cities.

This barn also had a good Council, and what he can offer Slomka for the 3000 Euro at the dealership would have read he is also unanswered.

Diesel scandal has nothing to do with the driving ban to

Instead, the Minister was about to counter-attack, threw Slomka, they represent a populist view, and drew with a surprising Thesis: “The mistakes and manipulations have to do with the current Situation, the driving bans and the problems in the inner cities, nothing,” he denied diesels the connection between car exhaust gases of a Cheat, and air pollution. “The 6.3 million software updates have made the cars in order,” says Scheuer. Many experts doubt that, and they did not let their criticism deter. Also Scheuer insisted on his point.

Stuck again the image of a Minister who is only too willing to for the car industry. Just a few days ago the barn had been established under the Federal motor transport authority with a Letter, in which it campaigned in the letter head for the exchange programs of the car manufacturers. That the Minister of the motorists takes it personally to the dealership, was not found in the Writing.

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