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Winter tires are already expensive enough, but a new rule makes the change of Tyres is now even more expensive: From 1. November must a new car be with a control system equipped.

Munich/Bonn – many of the owner of a new car costs to come in the next few weeks, you may not have expected. Who has been recently a new car indulged in, and for a set of winter wheels needs, you must make sure that the vehicle with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is equipped. This is monitored by means of Sensors in the tire air pressure. This is the case, also need the winter tires this measurement. And is not cheap.

Why will the TPMS obligation?

As of November 2014, a directly or indirectly measuring TPMS for the registration of new cars. The Background: The automatic Monitoring of tire pressure is intended to serve the environmental protection and accident prevention.

Vehicles with limp limp consume due to the increased rolling resistance, more fuel than properly inflated tyres – 0.5 bar minimum pressure, according to ADAC, up to 0.4 litres per 100 kilometres. And the rubber wear out faster, the braking distance will be longer and the tyre has less Grip in the wet.

In addition, the driving stability suffers, and tire damage is possible. At high speeds on the highway this can have dramatic consequences. These risks for motorists and side-effects for the environment are to minimize the tire guard. Because of the regular Pressure checks at the service station neglected by vehicle owners often.

What are the additional costs?

When you purchase the first complete Winter wheels for the new cars, many car owners wonder about the cost. Do you have a direct working TPMS, the continuously measured values from all four tires to the vehicle transmits, in addition to the usual costs for wheels and tires, even those for the purchase and installation of additional Sensors. Organisations such as ADAC and TÜV Süd go with a set of wheels from 250 to 300 euros for the Sensors plus about 50 euros for installation and programming in a specialist workshop.

Are there any exceptions?

Of the upgrade to be those spared, their carriage on an indirectly working TPMS . “But these are the least, almost all car manufacturers put their models on direct measuring systems”, says Hans-Jürgen Drechsler, managing Director of the Federal Association of tyre trade and vulcanization craft (BRV). Indirectly working TPMS, the wheel speeds via the Sensors of the antilock braking system (ABS), and others already in the vehicle plug end of the measuring devices to compare. However, they are inaccurate and unreliable as systems with their own Sensors, which are attached to the inside of the tire in the area of the valve.

How can motorists save money?

Basically, the only solution to avoid extra costs due to the TPMS: all-season tires to. “But they are always only a compromise,” warns ADAC expert Müller. Especially in the winter, you could get the performance good Season to ripen.

Rather than save on the cost of safety, advises Müller in the purchase of winter wheels and TPMS Sensors for an intensive comparison of the prices. “Tire dealers are customers for the most part better to get away than those in the contract workshops.” In the case of the Sensors, the car owners were not as a rule dependent on expensive original parts of the vehicle manufacturer.

To long one should wait with the purchase. “Who needs TPMS Sensors for his winter wheels, better no risk and takes care of as early as possible,” advises Miller. Because if Frost or snow are there in the first place, accepted the police no excuses: Then, suitable winter tyres are a Must.

mhu/Christoph Walter for dpa

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